SBS 2003 Limitations

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M Temperton

Oct 27, 2003, 6:20:52 AM10/27/03
Hi folks
Does anyone know of an url apart from ms product sales pitch, that decribes
SBS2003 product limitations in detail.? eg Domain issues, Licencing, are
Exchange and SQL full versions or are they integrated into sbs etc.

Thanks in advance

Javier Gomez

Oct 27, 2003, 8:39:39 AM10/27/03
I haven't seen a FAQ for SBS2k3 (like the one for SBS2k in terms of
limitations)... in the meantime:

SBS2003 Limitations->

1. 75 users and/or devices max
2. 2 physical CPU ("4" virtual CPU if hyperthread)
3. No trusts allowed
4. Must be setup as DC and at the root of the forest (and no child domains)
5. No Terminal Server (Application mode) (Remote Destop is available) on
the SBS box.
6. No Windows POP3 Server service (If you need POP3, you need to use the
Exchange POP3)
7. All SBS componets must be installed on the SBS.
8. Only one SBS server in the domain (other plain-vanilla servers are
9. Needs to hold the FSMO roles
10. Good price. $599 give you OS/Exchange/5CAL/WSS/RWW/Monitoring/SBSWizards
and $1499 give you the extra SQL/ISA/Frontpage. Compared with plain
Win2k3srv which is $999.

All other "restrictions" are part of the individual components themselves
(like the 16GB DB limit in Exchange Std). Keep in mind that SQL is only
available if you purchase SBS2k3 Premium Edition.

[Thanks to Ray and David for the list]


<< SBS ROCKS !!! >>

"M Temperton" <> wrote in message

RodWhite [MS]

Oct 27, 2003, 8:56:03 AM10/27/03

Other than the information that Javier posted is there anything specific
that you're looking for? Or have questions about with SBS2003?

Thanks for using SBS2003

Roderick [MS]
Windows Small Business Server 2003

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Microsoft Online Support:


Oct 27, 2003, 9:30:49 AM10/27/03
I need some clarification on CAL's. If I have 50 users at
my location that stay connected, and another 50 at other
locations that only connect occasionally to Exchange via
the Web, do I need CAL's for all 100 users or only
those "simultaneous" connections (let's say 75)? If I
need 100 CAL's, will SBS 2003 allow me to have more than
75 users set up in AD/Exchange, as long as only 75 are
connected "simultaneosly"?


M Temperton

Oct 28, 2003, 6:08:33 AM10/28/03
I'm really trying to establish if the product is suitable.
We are currently downsizing / consolidating our existing network. Basically
a single W2K domain spread over 3 sites 2DC'S on each site. 50 users 72
devices .
The network runs all the 'usual' services AD, FRS, Site Replication, DHCP
The main site also has a MSSQL V7 member server and an Exchange 2000 member
We need to upgrade our 5 user SQL7 to 50 user SQL2000 in order to host our
new Document imaging system
We would also like to upgrade Exchange 2000 and our existing W2K DC's
So, so far SBS2003 looks promising - but is it too restrictive for our

My main concern is about Disaster Recovery issues . At the moment we run an
offsite subnet with a 'backup' Exchange2000 and MSSQL7 server both running
in tandem with the main site - will SBS2003 installed at the main site make
these redundant in this particular scenario? If we lose the SBS2003 server
can we restore data to a non SBS2003 server?

A lot of permutations I know, but any advice would be helpful

Thanks in advance


""RodWhite [MS]"" <> wrote in message

RodWhite [MS]

Oct 28, 2003, 3:41:45 PM10/28/03

Looking at you configuration SBS2003 Premium would work fine within your
network. The SBS2003 Windows component is Windows 2003 Standard and the
SBS2003 Exchange is the Exchange 2003 Standard.

You can restore to a nonSBS2003 server for recovery without a problem.

Thanks for using SBS2003

Roderick [MS]
Windows Small Business Server 2003

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