Big Bertha Thing mathematics

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Tony Lance

Jun 16, 2011, 12:14:39 PM6/16/11
Big Bertha Thing mathematics
Cosmic Ray Series
Possible Real World System Constructs
Access page to 600K ZIP file
Astrophysics net ring access site
Newsgroup Reviews including sci.physics.particle

Postings potentially suitable for fowarding to;-
1.SRF Classical Mathematics
2.SRF Classical Astronomy

13th March 2003 sci.math and sci.astro newsfeeds dropped by
Onenet UK Astronomy & Space conference feed dropped by university.
OUSA Research conference still up, by invitation only. (empty)
UK politics internal conference setup next to
Net Access Policy (empty bar 3),
which was last target of the book-burners.
Politics makes poor science.

Big Bertha Thing ISP

23rd June 2000
Finance Director,
Ision Internet Plc.,
Dear Sir,
Further to your letter of the 21st June 2000, regarding payment
of 56.36 pounds sterling, for 77 days ISP charges.

My last payment of 14.09, as detailed in your letter,
covered the three dates as follows;-
1st March 2000
2nd March 2000
13th March 2000

These were the only days of the previous 107 days,
when my site was not disabled, in more ways than one
and my mailbox locked up from me. Apparently the only person,
who can enable site access and password reset,
is your accounts manager. He can only be contacted
via national telephone lines, complete with revolving door
and canned musak.

You want a further payment of 56.36, to bring the charges
up to 23.48 per day. (At a rate of 8570.20 pounds sterling per annum.)
Please find enclosed herewith my cheque for 56.36
and a copy of my previous letter to you,
dated 12th June 2000. (recorded delivery)

In view of the extraordinary nature of these charges,
I would ask you to confirm just three things;-
1.That you have received payment by issueing a reciept. (Received)
2.That you will close my account as from todays date. (Closed 3rd
3.That there will be no further charges made against this account.

In mitigation of the conduct of your staff, it would appear
that they had some difficulty with my Usenet newsgroup postings,
as detailed on my new site.

I trust that this will be in order and will be looking forward
to the favour of your reply.

Tony Lance
From: Tony Lance <>
Newsgroups: swnet.sci.astro,
Subject: Re: Big Bertha Thing redoubt
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2007 18:37:41 +0100

Big Bertha Thing adversity

Milton (1644) from The Liberty of Unlicensed Printing.

First, when a city shall be as it were besieged and blocked about,
her navigable river infested, inroads and incursions round,
defiance and battle oft rumoured to be marching up
even to her walls and suburb trenches;
that then the people, or the greater part, more than at other times,
wholly taken up with the study of the highest and most important
to be reformed, should be disputing, reasoning, reading, inventing,
discourcing, even to a rarity and admiration,
things not before discourced or written of,
argues first a singular good will,
contentedness and confidence in your prudent forsight,
and safe government, Lords and Commons;
and from thence derives itself to a gallant bravery and well-grounded
of their enemies, as if there were no small number of as great spirits
among us,
as his was, who when Rome was nigh besieged by Hannibal, being in the
bought that piece of ground at no cheap rate
whereon Hannibal himself encamped his own regiment.
Next, it is a lively and cheerful presage of our happy success and
For as in a body, when the blood is fresh, the spirits pure and
not only to vital, but to rational faculties,
and those in the acutes and the pertest operations of wit and
it argues in what good plight and constitution the body is;
so when the cheerfulness of the people is so sprightly up,
as it has not only wherewith to guard well its own freedom and
but to spare, and to bestow upon the solidest and sublimest points of
and new invention, it betokens us not degenerated,
nor drooping to a fatal decay,
by casting off the old and wrinkled skin of corruption to outlive
these pangs,
and wax young again, entering the glorious ways of truth and
prosperous virtue,
destined to become great and honourable in these latter ages.
Methinks I see in my mind a noble and puissant nation rousing herself
like a strong man
after sleep, and shaking her invincible locks;
methinks I see her as an eagle nursing her mighty youth,
and kindling her undazzled eyes at the full mid-day beam;
purging and unscaling her long-abused sight at the fountain itself of
heavenly radiance;
while the whole noise of timorous and flocking birds,
with those also that love the twilight, flutter about amazed at what
she means,
and in their envious gabble would prognosticate a year of sects and

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