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Cannot receive attachments in email

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Aug 8, 2003, 12:55:31 PM8/8/03
I am not sure what happened, but suddenly any attachments using O.E. 6 are
not visible. When I right click on an email and select "properties" the file
size is large enough to indicate that the attachment is there. The text is
there, but no attachment can be seen. The attachment icon is not displayed
either. I didn't change any settings so I don't know what the heck is going
on. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks so much.

Frank Saunders, MS-MVP

Aug 8, 2003, 1:49:56 PM8/8/03
"SK" <Nospam> wrote in message news:O2uVe5c...@TK2MSFTNGP09.phx.gbl

If the mail was sent from Outlook using Outlook's RTF format then Outlook
Express will never find the attachment. Outlook Express does not understand
Outlook's RTF format. Ask the Outlook user to please use Plain Text,
especially when sending attachments.

Frank Saunders, MS-MVP
Please respond in Newsgroup. Do not send email

BC&A Dave

Aug 8, 2003, 2:31:00 PM8/8/03

Based on Frank's response, maybe I'm thinking of a different problem
than what you have, but I THINK this is the fix you need:

Its a security setting that is ON by default in the new version of
Outlook Express. all you have to do is turn it off - heres how:

Open Outlook express - do no open any particular message.


Uncheck the box beside Do not allow attachments to be saved or
opened that could potentially be a virus.

Click on OK. Close Outlook Express and reopen it.

You should now have access to your file attachments.

BC&A Dave

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