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Big Bertha Thing PI

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Tony Lance

Jun 14, 2011, 12:46:07 PM6/14/11
Big Bertha Thing PI
Cosmic Ray Series
Possible Real World System Constructs
Access page to 46K ZIP file
Astrophysics net ring access site
Newsgroup Reviews including alt.politics.bush

Calculate PI upto 3000 decimal places.

Ready to run Fortran 77 program complete with original
source code and ported source code in listing format.
Adds extended precision routines to Fortran 77.
Written by Mark P. Esplin
Ported to Fortran 77
By Tony Lance

Big Bertha Thing general

A general told his troops, before the big battle, "Right lads,
we are outnumbered 4 to 1, but we are much better than them,
so we should win through in the end!"

Half-way through the battle he sees one of his men
leaning against a tree smoking. He rushes up to him,
calls him all the names under the sun
and asks him what he thinks he is doing?
He replied "I have already killed my four."
Try not to turn the minimum requirements,
into the maximum of your endeavour.

(C) Copyright Tony Lance 1999.
To comply with my copyright,
please distribute complete and free of charge.

Tony Lance
From: Tony Lance <>
Newsgroups: swnet.sci.astro,
Subject: Re: Big Bertha Thing redoubt
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2007 18:37:41 +0100

Big Bertha Thing liberty

Milton (1644) from The Liberty of Unlicensed Printing
What should ye do then,
should ye suppress all this flowery crop of knowledge and new light
sprung up
and yet springing daily in this city?
Should ye set an oligarchy of twenty engrossers over it,
to bring a famine upon our minds again,
when we shall know nothing but what is measured to us by their
Believe it, Lords and Commons! they who counsel you to such a
do as good as bid ye suppress yourselves; and I will soon show how.
If it be desired to know the immediate cause of all this free writing
and free speaking,
there cannot be assigned a truer than your own mild, and free, and
humane government:
it is the liberty, Lords and Commons,
which your own valorous and happy counsels have purchased us;
liberty, which is the nurse of all great wits;
this is that which hath rarified and enlightened our spirits like the
influence of heaven;
this is that which hath enfranchised, enlarged,
and lifted up our apprehensions degrees above themselves.
Ye cannot make us now less capable, less knowing,
less eagerly pursuing of the truth, unless ye first make yourselves,
that made us so, less the lovers, less the founders of our true
We can grow ignorant again, brutish, formal, slavish, as ye found us;
but you then must first become that which ye cannot be,
oppressive, arbitrary, and tyrannous, as they were from whom ye have
freed us.
That our hearts are now more capacious,
our thoughts more erected to the search and expectations of greatest
and exactest things,
is the issue of your own virtue propagated in us; ye cannot suppress
unless ye reinforce an abrogated and merciless law,
that fathers may despatch at will their own children.
And who shall then stick closest to ye, and excite others?
not he who takes up arms for coat and conduct, and his four nobles of
Although I dispraise not the defence of just immunities,
yet love my peace better, if that were all. Give me the liberty to
to utter, and to argue freely, according to conscience, above all

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