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Jul 16, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/16/00
Wasn't sure which newsgroup would be appropriate, so I placed it here.

Digital River Systems promotes a little program called EBOT for downloading
software from their site. In some cases, if you purchase software online
for a download from a software manufacturer, you will be sent to this online
company's site for the download after the purchase is complete.

Initially I had no intention of using this to negotiate the software
download, and an alternative was presented as an "HTTP download". Every
time I tried the alternative, IE would "crap the bed", and I would be forced
to close IE (version 5.01). Finally after trying 3 times unsuccessfully
with "HTTP download", I was forced to allow EBOT to be installed to see if
that would allow the download. All worked well, it gave me my serial
number, blah-blah.
That was yesterday.

Today, I had a problem with e-mail downloading. Deactivated NAV e-mail
scan, and it worked fine. Believe Symantec takes their email scanner server
down on Sunday for maintenance. This happens from time to time. So I
wasn't too concerned.

Then I selected to open the browser via MS Outlook 2K, the homepage (MSN)
started slowly opening, but never completed after over a minute. I noticed
that the top menu on IE was missing (File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools,
Help). I selected the STOP button on the lower menu with no response from
IE, and the lower bar still indicated an attempt to finish downloading the

Usually, in a case like this, I would hit ctrl-alt-del to kill the
unresponsive program (IE in this case), but for some unknown reason (gut
intuition), I hit start/shutdown/restart. Now here's the weird part, with
no protest from Windows, it closed and restarted with IE, Outlook, Outlook
Newsreader open on the desktop. I have no problem with many applications as
I have 256MB of memory.

Upon restart, and no protest from scandisk by the way, all opened normally
on the desktop. I headed straight for EBOT in the system tray and told it
to close. Immediately the modem cued up and logged into my ISP. I
immediately closed the connection with Sygate. I tried a couple of more
reboots, and same scenario. It called up my ISP everytime.

It gets even weirder (if thats a word).

Norton Cleansweep and Internet Sweep are always open in my system tray. I
could find no installation of Ebot, but I did find an activeX install FOR
ebot. Left that alone and went to add/remove programs, and EBOT was in it.
Norton Cleansweep thought I was installing program when I selected to remove
EBOT from add/remove programs, and monitored it as an installation and I
save that. Then I went to Internet CleanSweep from SafeSweep, and removed
the still existing activeX install for EBOT, and saved a backup.

All works fine now.


George M. Winford

Jul 16, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/16/00
Hello, Snarf,

Thank you for sharing your EBOT experiences. You likely will have helped
someone else.

geo., MS MVP (Desktop Systems), MCP (Windows 98)

"Snarf" <coff...@spynet.comedy> wrote in message

Boyd Porter

Jul 16, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/16/00
"George M. Winford" wrote:

The easiest for me was, Run/msconfig/startup/uncheck Digital River eBot.
Therefore, it never runs unless I double click on the desktop icon. It does not
give me any problems, I just do not want an unused TSR runnng.

Have a nice day!


Boyd Porter
La Vergne, TN

"Support your local locksmith. Lose a key."

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