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Nurses Making Policy: From Bedside To Boardroom Download Pdfl

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Ayana Genzone

Dec 3, 2023, 11:21:30 AM12/3/23
The nurse bullying phenomenon is well-documented in the clinical and leadership literature. It starts early and is present from the classroom to the bedside to the boardroom. One study showed that over a 6-month period, 78% of students experienced bullying in nursing school.2 In another study, over half of nursing students reported seeing or experiencing nurse-on-nurse bullying during their clinical rotations.3 Within the first 6 months, 60% of nurses leave their first job due to the behavior of their coworkers.2

Nurses Making Policy: From Bedside To Boardroom Download Pdfl
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Performance-based care places value on nursing care and demonstrates the important role of nurses as part of the healthcare team.The fourth principle included in the 2010 IOM report was developing effective workforce planning and policymaking. While this initiative may start at the bedside, understanding and critical review of data is the role of the doctorally-prepared nurse. PhD and DNP prepared nurses work together to inform and change practice. Nurses holding PhD degrees formulate clinical and theoretical questions, followed by scientific examinations. The outcomes of scientific research can then be tested in practice as translational research. The DNP-prepared nurse systematically applies scientific findings in practice and gathers outcome data to inform policy. Examples of this work include new evidence-based care bundles, clinical pathways, and models of care. The nurse attorney, prepared with a Juris Doctorate, acts at the local, state, and national level to inform policy makers, lawmakers, and administrators regarding the support of legislation needed to improve healthcare systems and patient outcomes.

This report from the 4 Chief Nursing Officers sets the direction for modernising nursing careers. The priorities focus on the careers of registered nurses, but it is recognised that nurses do not work in isolation and nursing teams include more than registered nurses. Nursing careers also need to take account of changes in the careers of other professional groups. Importantly, this report recognises that careers take different forms: while some will choose to climb an upward ladder of increasing responsibility and higher rewards, many other nurses choose a more lateral career journey, moving within and between care groups and settings. Our actions are for all nurses no matter what the nature of their career. The report can be downloaded here (pdf format - 323 Kb)

This book focuses on challenges new nurses face in the clinical setting and the hard questions educators have to tackle to help students succeed in school and in practice. It also provides practical strategies for nurse educators to help students navigate the transitional period from classroom to bedside. Through firsthand accounts from new graduates, nurse educators will find insight and solutions to help their scholars succeed in their nursing careers.

It is within nurse-patient relationships that nurses most meaningful contributions are experienced. Author Martha Curley, RN, PhD, FAAN, one of the originators and the foremost expert on the Synergy Model, believes fully realizing and expressing those contributions may be the best way to keep nursing strong at the bedside and in the boardroom.
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