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Jun 3, 2010, 5:11:38 PM6/3/10

I have written a small application which uses the
Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration class to change
the PC IP address. I get access to the class by using the Win32 COM
APIs and Win32 IWbem.. APIs.

The application runs well over my PC but I'm not able to run it over
other PCs. I've developed the
application using Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition and Windows SDK v.

To install the application I've built an installation package which
installs the Visual Studio 2008 Redistributable
Package and the application itself. When I launch the application I
get the error: PROPSYS.DLL not found.
First question: in which Microsoft package that DLL is included ?

Then I made a very bad thing to get my application running: I copied
the PROPSYS.DLL from my PC into the
installation directory of the other PC. After launching the
application I get an error by one of the COM APIs.
Second question: which Microsoft redistributable package have I to
install to run such COM based applications ?
Third question: could you suggest me a clear method to deploy such
applications or link me to any
interesting reading ?

Best Regards


Marcin Załęczny

Aug 25, 2010, 5:50:39 AM8/25/10

Try do following:
1. Check out what libraries are used for your app (depends.exe helps here -
available in MS WDK or somewhere else on Microsoft downloads).
2. Copy required files on destination system. Doing that is not a very bad
thing. Indeed, that's how installers works but real installers contains
diffrent kinds of the same library (if needed) designed/compiled for
destination system and copy appropriate file.
3. Than if you use COM, you must register COM components on destination
system with regsvr32.exe (or using adequate system API).
4. Run your app. Should work.

Marcin Zaleczny

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