Simple TSP for windows 64 bits

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Jul 11, 2018, 10:33:27 AM7/11/18

I am new to TAPI. I have been looking and reading documentation for several weeks now.

I have to develop a very simple TSP TAPI that only allows to make a call.

I have download TSP++ from Julmar, and managed to compile it, but I think this is only for 32 bits. When I try to compile for 64 bits I get lots of errors, that I do not think that are easy to solve.

I have some questions:
- I have read that you cannot use 32 bits TSP in 64 bits Windows. Is this true?
- Is there any sample for TSP in 64 bits? I prefer C++, if possible.
- Can you help me to get started?

Thank you very much.

Ricardo Sosa.

Jul 11, 2018, 11:21:48 AM7/11/18
I have been reading a little longer in this forum and it seems that I have to do the TSP in 32 bits if the TAPI application is 32 bits. Is this right?

Could you tell me how can I test a 32 bits TSP in windows 64 bits. Any application? I have installed Phoner, but still cannot find my TSP.

Thanks again.
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