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Santa Rita Da Cascia Film Download

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Therese Lafaso

Nov 26, 2023, 6:09:42 PM11/26/23
How to Download the Film "Saint Rita" Online
If you are looking for a film that depicts the life and virtues of St. Rita of Cascia, a 14th-century Italian saint who is famous as the patron of hopeless situations, you might be interested in watching "Saint Rita", a 2004 TV movie directed by Giorgio Capitani and starring Vittoria Belvedere and Martin Crewes[^1^]. This film portrays St. Rita's story of love, betrayal, forgiveness, and faith, from her marriage to a violent knight to her widowhood and entrance into a convent[^2^]. Here are some ways you can download this film online:

One option is to subscribe to FORMED, a Catholic streaming service that offers access to thousands of movies, documentaries, books, and audio programs. You can sign up for a free trial or a monthly subscription at Once you are logged in, you can find "Saint Rita" under the Movies category and download it to your device[^2^].
Another option is to watch "Rita da Cascia", a 1961 Italian film directed by Antonio Leonviola and starring Elena Zareschi and Ugo Sasso. This film is based on the same historical sources as "Saint Rita" but has a different style and tone. You can watch this film for free on YouTube at To download it, you can use an online video downloader tool such as or Just copy and paste the YouTube link into the tool and choose your preferred format and quality[^3^].

We hope this article helps you enjoy watching the film "Saint Rita" or "Rita da Cascia" and learn more about this inspiring saint. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

santa rita da cascia film download

Who is St. Rita of Cascia?
St. Rita of Cascia was born in 1381 in Roccaporena, a small village near Cascia, in the Umbria region of Italy. She was married at a young age to Paolo Mancini, a nobleman who was known for his violent and quarrelsome temper. Despite his behavior, Rita loved him and prayed for his conversion. She also bore him two sons, who inherited his father's vengeful attitude. Rita suffered many hardships and abuses in her marriage, but she never lost her faith and hope in God.

One day, Paolo was ambushed and killed by his enemies. Rita's sons swore to avenge their father's death, but Rita prayed that God would take them away rather than let them commit murder. Her prayers were answered when both of her sons died of natural causes within a year. Rita was left alone and without any support. She decided to enter the convent of St. Mary Magdalene in Cascia, but she was rejected three times because she was a widow and because her family was involved in a feud with another clan. However, Rita did not give up and miraculously obtained the permission to join the convent after she was visited by three saints: St. John the Baptist, St. Augustine, and St. Nicholas of Tolentino.

In the convent, Rita lived a life of prayer, penance, charity, and obedience. She was known for her devotion to the Passion of Christ and to the Eucharist. She also performed many miracles of healing and reconciliation. One of the most famous miracles attributed to her is the stigmata: a wound on her forehead that resembled the one inflicted on Christ by the crown of thorns. She bore this wound for 15 years until her death in 1457.

St. Rita was canonized in 1900 by Pope Leo XIII. She is venerated as the patron saint of impossible causes, hopeless cases, abused women, widows, and peacemakers. Her feast day is celebrated on May 22.

Why watch the film "Saint Rita"?
The film "Saint Rita" is a great way to learn more about this remarkable saint and to be inspired by her example of faith, love, and forgiveness. The film is faithful to the historical sources and portrays St. Rita's life with realism and sensitivity. The actors deliver convincing performances and convey the emotions and struggles of their characters. The film also features beautiful scenery and costumes that recreate the medieval atmosphere of Italy.

The film "Saint Rita" is not only a biographical drama but also a spiritual journey that invites the viewers to reflect on their own lives and relationship with God. The film shows how St. Rita overcame her difficulties and challenges with grace and trust in God's providence. It also shows how St. Rita experienced God's presence and love in various ways: through prayer, through the sacraments, through the saints, through nature, and through other people. The film encourages the viewers to seek God's will in their lives and to follow His call with courage and joy.

The film "Saint Rita" is a powerful testimony of how God can transform any situation and any person with His mercy and grace. It is a film that can touch your heart and renew your hope in God's goodness and power.

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