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Ek Villain Movie Download In Hindi 720p Hd Movie

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Therese Lafaso

Nov 26, 2023, 6:22:11 PM11/26/23
Ek Villain: A Thrilling Tale of Love and Revenge
Ek Villain is a 2014 Hindi-language action thriller film directed by Mohit Suri and starring Riteish Deshmukh, Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor. The film tells the story of a hitman who falls in love with a terminally ill girl and tries to change his ways, but his past catches up with him when she is murdered by a serial killer. The film was a major box office success and received positive reviews from critics, who praised the performances, direction, screenplay and music.

Ek Villain movie download in hindi 720p hd movie

If you are looking for Ek Villain movie download in hindi 720p hd movie, you can watch it on Netflix[^1^], where it is available with subtitles and audio options. You can also buy or rent it on other online platforms like Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies and iTunes. However, we do not recommend or support any illegal or pirated sources of downloading or streaming movies, as they may harm your device and violate the copyright laws.

Ek Villain is a gripping and emotional film that will keep you on the edge of your seat till the end. It has some memorable songs like "Galliyan", "Zaroorat" and "Hamdard" that will touch your heart. The film also has a sequel titled Ek Villain Returns, which was released in 2022 and features John Abraham, Arjun Kapoor, Disha Patani and Tara Sutaria in the lead roles. You can watch Ek Villain Returns on Netflix as well[^3^].

So, what are you waiting for? Watch Ek Villain movie download in hindi 720p hd movie today and enjoy this thrilling tale of love and revenge.

Ek Villain has some interesting twists and turns that will surprise you and make you question who is the real villain in the story. The film also explores the themes of redemption, forgiveness, sacrifice and fate. The film is inspired by the Korean film I Saw the Devil, but has its own unique plot and characters. The film also has some stunning action sequences and cinematography that will keep you hooked.

Ek Villain is a film that you should not miss if you are a fan of thrillers, romance and drama. It is a film that will make you laugh, cry, cheer and gasp. It is a film that will stay with you long after it ends. It is a film that you will want to watch again and again.

So, don't wait any longer and watch Ek Villain movie download in hindi 720p hd movie now and experience this amazing film for yourself.

Ek Villain has a stellar cast that delivers outstanding performances. Riteish Deshmukh plays the role of Rakesh Mahadkar, a frustrated and unhappy man who vents his anger by killing innocent women. This is the first time that Deshmukh has played a negative role and he does it with perfection. He portrays the complexity and vulnerability of his character with ease and makes you feel both sympathy and hatred for him.

Sidharth Malhotra plays the role of Guru Divekar, a former hitman who quits his job after meeting Aisha Verma, a cheerful and optimistic girl who suffers from a terminal illness. Malhotra shows his versatility and range as an actor by playing a character who is both ruthless and romantic. He makes you root for his character and his quest for justice.

Shraddha Kapoor plays the role of Aisha Verma, the love interest of Guru and the victim of Rakesh. Kapoor gives a charming and lively performance as a girl who wants to live her life to the fullest despite her condition. She brings a lot of warmth and positivity to the film and shares a great chemistry with Malhotra.

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