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Sep 1, 2010, 12:31:04 PM9/1/10
Hi All,

I am facing a strange issue with Microsoft Office 2007 ( Powerpoint /
Word) here. We have a application with richedit unicode support. User
will type in any language charactors in it and can export it to Word/

I am converitng entire text entered as EMF OLE Object and trying to
export it to PPT. Since OLE Object cant hold EMF I am converting it to
WMF file and exporting it.

All the languages works fine and I am able to view it in PPT without
any issues.

The languages with right to left convention like Arabic/Hebrew does
not work in this method and its displayed as junk charactors in PPT/

I have two questions here

1. Can I export the data in EMF format in the OLE object? I am hearing
some limitations. Can anyone help?

2. Can WMF hold Arabic / Hebrew charators and render it in PPT or
Word? Is there a limitation for WMF?

Thanks a lot for all your help in advance.


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