Reading value of cookie using wininet fails

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Mar 19, 2011, 5:34:21 PM3/19/11
I have a website that offers to download a windows app to your local
I have a problem with IE.
Immediately after clicking the "Download" button - I save a cookie
with a user_id on the downloading client machine.
I have a very simple serverside page that just returns the user_id
cookie value.
When I enter the URL to the browser - I get a response with the
correct cookie user_id.

When I use wininet method with the same URL (!!) which does return the
correct cookie value straight on the browser - always returns empty
value when calling the page with wininet.
It's like when the http request comes from the IE - it returns the
cookie value,
when it comes from wininet function from my win32 app - it fails to
read the cookie.
So the exe cannot retrieve the value of the cookie that was saved
right before the installation.

I tried to retrieve it also using InternetGetCookie - but I still get
empty cookie.

This does not happen on all PCs.
It varies from PC to PC (based on OS and IE version).

Any idea what's wrong here?


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