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Odi Vilayadu Pappa Lyrics In Tamil Pdf 17

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Carmon Stanczyk

Dec 10, 2023, 3:02:13 AM12/10/23
Odi vilayadu pappa lyrics in Tamil PDF 17

Odi vilayadu pappa is a famous song written by Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharati, a renowned poet and freedom fighter of Tamil Nadu. The song is composed of 16 verses, each one describing the various activities and virtues that children should follow. The song is also known as Papa Pattu or Children's Song, and it is a popular choice for teaching Tamil to kids.

odi vilayadu pappa lyrics in tamil pdf 17


In this article, we will provide you with the lyrics of Odi vilayadu pappa in Tamil PDF format, along with some background information and analysis of the song. You can download the PDF file from the link given below and print it for your convenience. You can also watch the video of the song sung by Balamurugan S on YouTube.

Download Odi vilayadu pappa lyrics in Tamil PDF 17

To download the lyrics of Odi vilayadu pappa in Tamil PDF format, click on the following link:

Odi vilayadu pappa lyrics in Tamil PDF 17

The PDF file contains all the 16 verses of the song, along with their transliteration and English translation. You can also find some notes and explanations on the meaning and message of the song.

Background and analysis of Odi vilayadu pappa

Odi vilayadu pappa was written by Bharati in the early 20th century, during the British colonial rule in India. Bharati was a visionary poet who advocated for social reform, women's rights, national integration, and independence from foreign domination. He wrote many poems and songs that inspired the people of Tamil Nadu and India to fight for their freedom and dignity.

Odi vilayadu pappa is one of his most famous songs that he wrote for children. The song is a blend of playful and patriotic themes, encouraging children to enjoy their childhood while also learning about their culture and heritage. The song also teaches children some moral values and life skills that will help them grow into responsible citizens.

The song begins with the refrain "Odi vilayadu pappa", which means "Run and play, child". Bharati urges children to be active and energetic, and not to be lazy or idle. He also tells them to play together with other children, and not to isolate or bully anyone. He then describes various animals and birds that children can observe and learn from, such as the chirping sparrow, the colorful parrot, the crowing rooster, the thieving crow, the milking cow, the wagging dog, the ploughing horse, the grazing buffalo, and the bleating goat. He also mentions some natural phenomena that children can admire and appreciate, such as the snow-capped Himalayas, the fertile Kanyakumari, the vast ocean, and the holy land of India.

In each verse, Bharati also gives some advice or instruction to children on how to behave or what to do. For example, he tells them to study in the morning and sing in the evening, to avoid lying or backbiting, to trust in God and not to fear evil, to smile at enemies and make them friends, to endure hardships and not to give up hope, to respect their motherland and their ancestors, to avoid caste discrimination and embrace equality, to love all living beings and respect nature.

Odi vilayadu pappa is a song that celebrates childhood as a time of joy and learning. It also instills a sense of pride and patriotism in children for their language, culture, and country. It is a song that has transcended time and generations, and remains relevant and inspiring even today.

How to sing Odi vilayadu pappa

Odi vilayadu pappa is a song that can be sung by anyone who loves Tamil and its culture. The song has a simple and catchy tune that can be easily memorized and sung along. The song also has a rhythmic and rhyming pattern that makes it fun and enjoyable to sing.

If you want to learn how to sing Odi vilayadu pappa, you can follow these steps:

First, download the Odi vilayadu pappa lyrics in Tamil PDF 17 from the link given above and print it out.
Next, listen to the song on YouTube or any other platform and try to follow the lyrics and the tune.
Then, practice singing the song by yourself or with your friends or family members. You can also use a karaoke app or a musical instrument to accompany your singing.
Finally, sing the song with confidence and enthusiasm, and express your love for Tamil and India.

Benefits of singing Odi vilayadu pappa

Singing Odi vilayadu pappa is not only a fun and entertaining activity, but also a beneficial one. Here are some of the benefits of singing this song:

Singing Odi vilayadu pappa can help you improve your Tamil language skills, such as pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension.
Singing Odi vilayadu pappa can help you learn about the history, culture, and values of Tamil Nadu and India, as well as the contributions of Bharati and other freedom fighters.
Singing Odi vilayadu pappa can help you develop your creativity, imagination, and musical sense, as well as your memory and concentration.
Singing Odi vilayadu pappa can help you boost your mood, reduce stress, and enhance your well-being.
Singing Odi vilayadu pappa can help you bond with other Tamil speakers and share your pride and joy for your mother tongue and motherland.


Odi vilayadu pappa is a timeless song that has been loved by generations of Tamils across the world. It is a song that celebrates childhood, freedom, nature, and patriotism. It is a song that teaches children how to live happily and honorably. It is a song that inspires everyone to cherish their language, culture, and country.

We hope that this article has helped you understand the meaning and significance of Odi vilayadu pappa. We also hope that you have enjoyed reading the lyrics of Odi vilayadu pappa in Tamil PDF 17 format. We encourage you to sing this song whenever you can and share it with others. Thank you for reading this article.


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