Partial/Empty data received from WaveInProc with visual studio 2015

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Oct 20, 2015, 7:31:53 AM10/20/15

We have an application for capturing input audio from sound card and for that we are using Wave-form audio functions. We are using CALLBACK_FUNCTION mechanism to receive notification from device and returning buffer back to device.

Application was working fine until we installed visual studio 2015. waveInAddBuffer() is randomly throwing exception "33"(don't know what exception 33 means ?) After doing some debugging we notice that randomly we are getting partial/empty buffers from waveinproc although WHDR_DONE and MM_WIM_DATA flags are set still incorrectly it contains either partial or 0 bytes recorded. And when these buffers are given back to input device through
waveInAddBuffer() call then exception "33" is raised.

This is the case only after installing visual studio 2015 on other machine not having 2015 application still works fine without any partial/empty daa.

Is there any winmm.dll update with vsiual studio 2015?
Why the WHDR_DONE flag is set on buffer if it contains 0 bytes?

Manish Narang
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