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2D in 3D Texture Woe using C#

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Dec 10, 2005, 1:51:51 AM12/10/05
I've come across a texture problem in my 2D tile game in 3D.

I know about the texel pixel issues when trying to create a 2D game
using 3D quads described here:

Basically I can render my tiles perfectly but when I move the camera,
(by transforming the view matrix) sometimes a border line of my tiles
textures will stretch to two pixels or vanish completely.

I've taken the code out and put it into a very simple program to
demonstrate my problem easily.

Heres the source code:

Someone suggested I clamp the textures - I did this and it removed pink
lines I was getting but the lines expanding and disspearing remained.

Here's a screen shot of what it looks like at the start:

And after moving the camera down a bit:

My wild guess is that's it something to do with the random manner in
which I've set the camera up. Can some one set me straight, please!

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