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Philip Lam

May 26, 2011, 3:38:01 AM5/26/11
I am trying to use directshow to support my custom media type.

I developer a filter which will take upstream from {&MEDIATYPE_Stream, &MEDIASUBTYPE_NULL} and do some parse to ensure that is my media type.

In graphedit, I can open my media file( using "file source async" filter, and point it to my "myparser" filter.

The problem down to how can i make the graphic automatically use "file source async" to open my file and point it to myparser??

I have try in regedit adding MEDIATYPE/extensions/.abc adding source filter with guid of my myparser?(Although I know it is not a source filter, and is doesn't work.)

1) So can I skip the process of writing my own source filter and use the "file source async" instead?

2) If Q1 is yes, which GUID I should use in the registry of the .abc extension

3) How to less graphedit know that the .abc is needed to be parse by the "myparser" filter


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