Async Source Cannot Play WMA, ASF Files

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Aug 8, 2010, 6:29:01 AM8/8/10
Dear Team,

I have taken async source filter sample and able to build the graph
for mp3 files. The description says that it cannot play avi files.

Also I noticed that it cannot play wav, asf, wma files.

Depending on the input file name in the load function, I modified the
media subtypes to MEDIASUBTYPE_WAVE, MEDIASUBTYPE_Avi with which I can
play wav and avi files.

Regarding wma and asf files, what should be the media subtype so that
the downstream parser can be automatically loaded. To my surprise,
when the file extension is asf the control never comes to the source
filter. Kindly guide me in the correct direction to play all the file
formats using async source sample.


Alessandro Angeli

Aug 30, 2010, 4:11:36 PM8/30/10
From: "uday"

> Dear Team,

What team? Microsoft doesn't even glance at this place.

There is no ASF (WMV/WMA) parser. The only officially supported way to
parse ASF files is to use the WMAsfReader filter, which is a
reader+parser combo filter. To read ASF files using an async reader
filter, you need a third-party ASF parser, e.g. the one on

// Alessandro Angeli
// MVP :: DirectShow / MediaFoundation
// mvpnews at riseoftheants dot com

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