ifmember and Windows 9x clients.

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Major Thorburn

не прочитано,
27 мая 2002 г., 04:13:5027.05.2002
Get error OpenProcessToken failed when running ifmember on
Windows 9x. Error states system returned error 120.
Is ifmember supposed to run ok on 9x?
If not is there anything else I can use in a login script
to detect user membership?
Thanks and Regards, Major.

Randy Barger (ConsultIT)

не прочитано,
28 мая 2002 г., 11:13:4928.05.2002
IFMEMBER will NOT work on Win9x workstations. You'll need
to use a 3rd-party utility (KiXtart, ScriptLogic, etc.) or
write a VBScript.

(Email me if you need further help... I probably won't be
checking back here.)

Randy Barger
ConsultIT - Information Technology Consulting
Windows 2000 Migration | Novell | Citrix | Software Sales

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