Visual Studio and Automation

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Feb 10, 2011, 2:13:23 PM2/10/11
We're currently using VS 2005 to develop some of our apps. I have an
app that I developed that uses Automation to spit some data out to an
Excel spreadsheet. I have VS on two different Windows machines, both
XP, and I want to get my app to build on both (two different
evironments). It's currently working on one, but not the other. I'm
trying to build the app on the one machine that isn't working and it
appears it doesn't like some of the references. In the solution
explorer, I open up the references under my project, and the one
reference labeled "Excel", has a little yellow warning by it. I
double click on it and it gives me a message that says "This project
cannot be viewed in the object browser because it is unavailable or
not yet built. Please ensure that the project is available and

At first I thought that Excel wasn't installed on that machine, but
looks like it is. I can bring up Excel, and it looks fine.

I'm not sure why I can't reference any of the Excel COM library info
from my application in Visual Studio. I'm not sure what it means in
the error message, when it says "unavailable or not yet built.". I
can run Excel on that system, so it seams like it should be
available. Do I need to do something in Excel to open up it's
to other applications. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...

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