Mouse Drag Operation Failed While Creating DataSet

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Feb 23, 2009, 4:06:01 PM2/23/09
I'm trying a simple drag operation from a valid data connection in server
explorer to the design surface of a new DataSet and get the subject error.
The detail says it could not retrieve schema information for table or view.
This happens for every connection. I've been using VS2008 for at least a
year without problem having built a number of windows applications and now I
am unable to even create a dataset unless I do it manually. This is not
generally an option because of the size of the tables. The only thing I've
done recently is import symbol tables and I don't see that there could be a
connection to my problem and that action.

I've searched the Internet for a solution but have been unsuccessful. I'm
connecting to a SQL Server 2000 database so the one problem about MySQL
drivers doesn't apply.


Feb 23, 2009, 7:34:02 PM2/23/09
I spent a LOT of time running down the solution to this problem. There were
plenty of references to failing a mouse drag operation to the dataset and
finally I got the clue 'Could not load file or assembly
'Microsoft.SqlServer.Types'. It cleared up after I installed the 'Microsoft
SQL Server System CLR Types ' from

I hope this saves someone else from wasting a couple days running this down.

May 22, 2014, 7:58:43 AM5/22/14
thanks steve king u saved my time
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