Big Bertha Thing pastures

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Tony Lance

Feb 14, 2011, 2:37:44 PM2/14/11
Big Bertha Thing pastures
Cosmic Ray Series
Possible Real World System Constructs
File access page for 138K Zip File, see link:-

Worked example of Outlandish Particle Periodic Table in Structure
complete with programs, source code in listing format and

Pastures Software Package.
(Particle Structure Results Program, in Fortran 77.)
Sub-atomic Mesons, Baryons and Leptons Classification System.
(C) Copyright Tony Lance 1997
Distribute complete and free of charge to comply.

Big Bertha Thing cricket

The Rules of Cricket
by Tony Lance

1. 1st side goes in till all out. (10 out of 11)
2nd side goes in till all out.
1st side wins.
i Rain stops play is draw.
ii 2nd side scores more, game stops they win.
iii Equal final scores are a draw.

2. Every run counts one.
i A no runs boundary hit counts 4.
ii A no runs clean over boundary hit counts 6.
iii A no hit too wide counts 1.
iv A no hit boundary counts 4.
v A no hit over boundary counts 6. (missing rule)
vi A no hit can still be run.

3. Caught out or bowled out. (owzat!)
i Stumped out.
ii Run out.
iii Thrown out.
iv Trod on wicket.
v Retired injured.

Exception to all of above.
Runner for slightly injured.

Street Cricket

Forget all the exceptions and rules 1 and 2.
i Cut out bat.
ii Rubber ball.
iii Piece of chalk.

Owner of bat goes first.
Owner of ball goes first.
Fielder bowls next.
Bowled out, bowler bats.
Caught out, catcher bats and swaps bat for ball.
The end
(C) Copyright Tony Lance 2000
Distribute complete and free of charge to comply.

Tony Lance
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From: "David W. Fenton" <>
Date: May 30, 6:57 pm
Subject: Any suggestion for Access forums after June 1?
To: microsoft.public.access.formscoding

"Arvin Meyer [MVP]" <arv...@mvps.invalid>
wrote innews:e4I1u4t$KHA....@TK2MSFTNGP04.phx.gbl:

> The Microsoft NNTP newsgroups will close.

No, no, no, no.

Usenet simply doesn't work that way.

The MS NNTP server will close, and the web interface to that server
will be gone.

But the newsgroups can and will continue to be propagated on all the
other NNTP servers that carry them.

Now, it's possible for MS to issue a rmgroup command, but those are
so easily forged that most NNTP servers have been ignoring them for
eons, so it's unlikely that any effort MS makes to cleanse Usenet of
its public newsgroups will work.

I recently read that the "powers that be" are considering creating a
bunch of new MS newsgroups in the comp.* hieararchy to replace the
ms.public newsgroups, so keep your eyes open for that.

David W. Fenton        
usenet at dfenton dot com

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