Web Site Administration Tool in VS 2005 Doesn't Work

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Nov 21, 2005, 7:50:04 PM11/21/05
I am using MS VS 2005 and I'm trying to simply test the Security setup
of a basic web site as I learn ASP.NET 2.0.

The ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool seems to be really sluggish,
not does it seem to work very well.

1) When you lauch the tool via Website > ASP.NET Configuration, the
interface takes over a browser, if open, regardless of what may be open
on it. That is not good for a web developer who has numerous browsers
open for various reasons. This tool should open in a new browser.

2) The tool is sluggish as hell. This is on a very fast computer with
the latest IIS running on it. It takes MINUTES to load.

3) Clicking on the Security/Application/Provider tabs does nothing. The
page refreshes as if the click went nowhere.

4) If I click on the link *in the page* (say, Security) it takes about
a full minute to tell me "The following message may help in diagnosing
the problem: Unable to connect to SQL Server database. "

5) Any subsequent clicks to Provider, Home, or Application go nowhere
at this point. So, you have to close out the tool and start all over.

6) I can't seem to figure out the method through VS 2005 to get the
database to work with the Admin Tool. I can connect through a Data
Store control. I can connect through the Server Explorer on the right,
but if I try to use the "new and improved" Admin Tool, I seem to go

7) I have already used the command-line aspnet_regsql.exe tool to try
and set up a database connection (this seems counter-intuitive if the
VS 2005 GUI is supposed to solve all my problems, by the way), and it
seems to work, but the Provider section (provided I get to it) says:
"Could not establish a connection to the database"

So, am I doing something incredibly wrong or is this just standard for
bugs in a new release? I quit using the Beta for these same problems
and it doesn't seem like anything is fixed.

I'll be content if I am the problem, but I'm about ready to go back to
notepad if I can't get some work done soon.



Nov 22, 2005, 11:50:19 AM11/22/05
Its crummy all right.
It writes two instances of a user into a SQL2005 database. I create a user
which is fine. I add that user to a role and -- boom -- there are now two
instances of the same user in the database.

Even stranger yet is that fact that both instances of all users are being
recorded 6 hours into the future. My system time is GMT (-06:00) Central
Time so there is some correlation there but why would any canned software
take the responsibility for adjusting time zones? It just doesn't make

Your problems seems just as bad if not worse. It sounds like you are trying
to use SSE (SQL Express 2005). Running aspnet_regsql from the command line
will launch a Wizard. Did you get the Wizard? Note the Wizard will not
launch when trying to use Start > Run. Use a command shell.

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Dec 13, 2005, 1:40:01 PM12/13/05
I looked into "Web Site Administration Tool" source code... It's pretty
Variables have senseless names, code is complex, a lot of unnecessary
code, grids are binding 2 times, ...

No wonder that "Web Site Administration Tool" is sluggish and
Moreover, such code is very hard to fix (you fix one bug and getting 2
bugs instead).
I think either Microsoft would either rewrite this tool from scratch or
leave as it is.

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