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QUESTION: WHAT administrative tools are available for MOSS2007 "policing" of site collections for various non-compliances?

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Mark Vogt

Jan 25, 2008, 6:46:20 AM1/25/08
Greetings esteemed Sharepoint Professionals,

In deploying MOSS2007 Enterprise Edition (the works, basically) to a
company of 35,000 employees, we are paying close attention to
establishing excellent Sharepoint Governance from the start...

One interesting observation our entire team has made is this - while
there are numerous rules and best practices that MUST be followed
(e.g. keeping all file path URLs under 260 characters long), there
seems to be NO tool from Microsoft for actually "policing" or
otherwise detecting infractions of these rules.


The only time such infractions and/or non-compliances ARE detected
thus far is when we're practicing our site collection restores from
backups. Then we get failed restore attempts in STSADM, with cryptic
error messages that hint that we have "non-compliances" in our
successfully-backed-up site collections.

Go figure.

Letting us back-up NON-COMPLIANT sites, and only informing us of these
non-compliances by REFUSING to restore these back-ups (say in an
actual disaster recovery crisis) is decidedly TOO LATE, wouldn't you
all agree?...

As far as a "policing" or "inspecting" tool goes, the only one we've
come across is the MOSS Best Practice Analyzer...


WHAT is everyone else doing to police/inspect/monitor their myriad
site collections for infractions of whatever rules your organization
has imposed? The only alternative we have is manual inspections, and
frankly speaking that's simply not practical.

Looking forward to hearing a lively discussion on this.

- Mark

Robert Bruns

Jan 25, 2008, 9:42:53 AM1/25/08

We have some of the same issues, the only thing we have done that
seems to work is to have a policy on as to when to provision new
sites, sorta like a funnel. In terms of policing Sharepoint, I'd love
to hear what others say as well. We have our 'area content managers'
look at the 'last used' portion of the web parts, if they are a
certain age, we will archive. Not a sexy solution whatsoever :(

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