Companies With Enterprise Wide Collaboration Deployment Realize 104% ROI.#SharePoint

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Sep 18, 2014, 12:09:43 AM9/18/14
The Need for Improved Enterprise Collaboration:

Collaboration is a necessity for all humans to survive and to further innovate. Everybody collaborates with people around them and the degree of collaboration varies the outcome. A teacher collaborates with his/her students by giving them lectures, administering assignments and tests, providing reference books. The club management collaborates with the club members by publishing information on the office notice boards, sending information via mails and members communicate back to the club management through meetings etc...
Enterprises also collaborate in a variety of ways with its employees, partners and customers. Each individual or department in an enterprise may choose their own way to collaborate based on convenience or style in absence of a defined governance model for collaboration.

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Learn How Enterprise Collaboration is complimented by SharePoint.
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