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Roland Hall

Mar 29, 2004, 4:23:49 AM3/29/04
"Lithium" wrote in message
: Folder: IMG -> all images
: Folder: HTC ->all htc files
: Folder: CSS ->all stylesheets
: test.htm
: my question is:
: i use in test.htm an external stylesheet which is in the CSS folder and in
the external stylesheet i link to
: a backgoundimage which is in img. So the img link must be relative to the
external stylesheet location
: background-Image:url (../IMG/test.gif)
: as far as good this works.
: but in the stylesheet i also link to HTC Files in the HTC Folder.(relative
to stylesheet location)
: behavior:url (../HTC/test.htc);
: but when i start test.htm the behaviors don't work
: they only work when i put the StyleSheet CSS File in the same folder where
test.htm is and when i set
: behavior:url (HTC/test.htc);
: can you tell me whats wrong in the first method because for the background
image it works but not for behavior htc

Eliminate the confusion and just reference from the web root.

Your web root is: /
If your folders are one off the root as:

Then reference them that way.
BODY { background-image: url(/img/test.gif) }


Roland Hall
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