Re: No ListView.Items.AddRange in .Net 2.0 Compact.

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Jun 16, 2012, 11:46:21 AM6/16/12
Jim McGhee wrote on 11/06/2006 15:52 ET :
> I have a Listview with over 2000 items. Using Items.Add takes a very long
> time. On regular .Net 2.0 I create an array of Items and use AddRange to add
> it. This solves the speed problem. .Net 2.0 Compact does not seem to have
> an AddRange method. (I am consistently amazed at what was removed to make
> the Compact Framework.)
> I am using ListView.SuspendLayout/ResumeLayout but this doesn't help much.
> Without AddRange, what can I do to speed up adding 2000 items to a Listview?
> Thanks for any help,
> Jim

I am facing the similar issue of loading huge number of records to a .net cf
listview. Can you suggest me on the best way to implements this. I this can be
done only by paging and implementing the scrolling then it will be very helpful
if you can send me some sample for this. My email id is

thanks in advance.
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