Problem with IShellBrowser hosting the Desktop with recent Windows Update

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Jonathan Potter

Aug 19, 2006, 9:18:02 PM8/19/06

A recent windows update (KB921398) has caused some problems with our
software, Directory Opus.

Our app implements IShellBrowser. With KB921398 applied, double-clicks on
folders and other items like zip files do not work in the Desktop folder
when it is being hosted in our app. Additionally, context menus on these
items also do not work (no menu appears at all when the right button is

Uninstalling KB921398 through appwiz.cpl fixes the problem immediately, so
it is obviously caused by this patch.

Jonathan Potter
GP Software

Jeffrey Tan[MSFT]

Aug 21, 2006, 2:46:56 AM8/21/06
Hi Jonathan,

I have performed some search in both public resource and internal database,
can not find any existing issue regarding KB921398 and IShellBrowser, so it
seems that this issue is not reported before.

Is it possible for you to create a little sample project regarding this
issue? If so, please feel free to provide it to me. Once I can reproduce
this issue, I will help you to contact our product team for this issue.

Best regards,
Jeffrey Tan
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Jim Barry

Aug 21, 2006, 6:30:53 AM8/21/06
"Jeffrey Tan[MSFT]" wrote:
> I have performed some search in both public resource and internal
> database, can not find any existing issue regarding KB921398 and
> IShellBrowser, so it seems that this issue is not reported before.

Presumably this is the same issue as reported in the 17 August post in this newsgroup, subject line "KB921398 breaks the shell shortcut menu".

Jim Barry, MVP (Windows SDK)

Jonathan Potter

Aug 21, 2006, 7:05:35 AM8/21/06
Hi Jeffrey, thanks for your response.

I can't easily create a sample project although I could do this if it was
absolutely necessary. However, you can quite easily reproduce at least part
of the problem:

On a system that has KB921398 applied, run Notepad, select File/Open, and
browse to the Desktop folder. Then right-click on "My Documents". You will
find that no context menu appears. If you uninstall KB921398 and repeat
this, the context menu appears as normal.

Double-click on My Documents does work in Notepad, although it does not in
our software - but it seems logical to assume that it is the KB921398 is the
cause of both of these problems.

Jonathan Potter

""Jeffrey Tan[MSFT]"" <> wrote in message

Aleksandr Tischenko

Aug 21, 2006, 5:12:31 PM8/21/06
I made some research on influencing KB921398 on namespace extensions and
noticed the following: with KB921398 installed Explorer prevents access to
subfolders of namespace extensions that exposes SFGAO_FILESYSTEM flag for
folder items and uses ShellView created by SHCreateShellFolderView(Ex)


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Jeffrey Tan[MSFT]

Aug 22, 2006, 6:17:30 AM8/22/06
Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, I can reproduce this behavior. However, it is strange that after
uninstalling this hotfix, I still can not get the context menu to appear.
Additionally, based on my test on other 3 Win2003 SP1 machines, they all
have this problem. I will try to check if these problematic machines have
already installed KB921398.

I will help you to report this issue to our shell team. I will feedback any
progress here ASAP.

Jonathan Potter

Aug 22, 2006, 6:49:28 AM8/22/06
Hi Jeffrey,

Note that you need to reboot after removing the KB921398 hotfix. I just
tested this here on a virtual machine with XP SP2 and nothing else
installed, and after a reboot the context menu returned as expected.

Jonathan Potter

""Jeffrey Tan[MSFT]"" <> wrote in message



Aug 22, 2006, 1:19:36 PM8/22/06
""Jeffrey Tan[MSFT]"" <> wrote in message

> Yes, I can reproduce this behavior.

Can you also reproduce the problem with the shortcut menus for the Zip files
caused by KB921398 that I've reported here a few days ago? Please ask the
shell team to look into it as well!



Andrei Belogortseff
WinAbility(r) Software Corp. [ ]
"Useful Windows Utilities and Security Software"

Jeffrey Tan[MSFT]

Aug 22, 2006, 10:43:19 PM8/22/06
Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your feedback.

Oh, yes, you are right. Due to internal security policy, it seems my
machine has already got KB921398 installed, which I was not aware of, and
in my test, I re-install it again. So in uninstallation, I only removed one
copy of KB921398 and rebooted. There are still another copy of KB921398
working on my machine, that is why I am still experiencing the context menu
not appearing problem. After removing the second copy of KB921398 again and
reboot, I can get the context menu working now. Thank you for pointing this

Yes, I am current working with our Shell team developers for this issue. I
have forwarded you and the community's concern to the Shell team, I will
continue monitor this thread and feedback any information here.

Devin Lamothe

Aug 23, 2006, 11:19:10 AM8/23/06
I'm just wondering if there have been any recent updates to this. We
are having the same problem in our organization regarding the My
Documents folder on the desktop not working correctly after this patch
being installed.

Uninstalling the patch does fix this issue, however the patch will just
get pushed out again through our SMS server.


Devin Lamothe

Jeffrey Tan[MSFT]

Aug 23, 2006, 10:17:31 PM8/23/06
Hi Jonathan,

Sorry for letting you wait.

Yes, our Shell team can reproduce this problem now. They confirmed this as
a bug in the hotfix. Below is the technical details and workaround for your
IShellBrowser application:

We try to prompt for all folder GUIDs right clicks and double-clicks in
untrusted zone.

The code path for double-click is handled mostly by comdlg32.dll itself and
so we don't reach the code where we are supposed to prompt.

But for context menu, comdlg32.dll falls back on defview code fully, and we
hit the code path where we try to prompt and we fail.

To workaround this problem, you can change _ZoneCheckMaybeHosted() to
return S_OK if it can't find the 2 interfaces
"IInternetHostSecurityManager" and "IInternetSecurityMgrSite". But that
will weaken security and expose shell to vulnerabilities from 3rd party

The other way to fix this is have an approved list of folder GUIDs which
shell trusts and have the function IsSelFolderGUID() return FALSE if the
folder GUID is known to be harmless [like Desktop, zip folders etc].

Any of the above 2 fixes should solve the problem for you. You can also
implement any of the 2 interfaces mentioned above in the same class which
implements IShellBrowser, and that might solve the problem too.

Our developer team has filed this bug in the internal database, and I think
they will continue work to resolve this problem. Hope the 2 workarounds can
resolve your problem. If you still have any concern or need any help,
please feel free to tell me, thanks!

Jonathan Potter

Aug 24, 2006, 4:16:18 PM8/24/06
Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for that - it's good to know they have confirmed it as a bug!

I have tried adding IInternetHostSecurityManager and
IInternetSecurityMgrSite to my IShellBrowser implementation but they seem to
never be asked for by the shell.

Also, unfortunately I can't find any reference to _ZoneCheckMaybeHosted() or
IsSelFolderGUID() anywhere - not in MSDN, not in google, not even in the SDK
header files. Do you have any more information about where these functions
can be found?

Jonathan Potter

""Jeffrey Tan[MSFT]"" <> wrote in message


Jeffrey Tan[MSFT]

Aug 25, 2006, 3:52:01 AM8/25/06
Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your feedback!

Yes, I have forwarded your concern to the Shell team. They are still
working on this bug now, and the workarounds they provided in last reply
are not tested at all. The right solution would be for you to get an hotfix
for this bug. You may contact Microsoft PSS for requesting the hotfix.

You can contact Microsoft Product Support directly to discuss additional
support options you may have available, by contacting us at 1-(800)936-5800
or by choosing one of the options listed at

Since this is a bug of Microsoft update, the supporting case of this hotfix
request will be free. Thanks for your understanding.

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