Msidb Command Line Folder Path MSI name limitations

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Jan 5, 2004, 4:23:19 PM1/5/04
My automation tool uses Msidb.exe on the command line to import the
database tables created on the fly.

The Windows Installer Help displays:
If the mode, folder, database and table list are specified on the
command line, Msidb.exe does not bring up any user interface and
operates as a silent command-line utility suitable for build

When using long filenames with spaces, use quotes around them. For
example, for a database that is in the "My Documents" folder, specify
it as "c:\my documents".

I do use quotes and this is fine for all our products but one.
One of the products we package has a dash in the folder name where the
IDT files are located. The MSI name also contains a dash. In that
case Msidb does not import the IDT files.

Msidb.exe does not seem to accept dashes in folder path
(Y:\GEOMEDIAMSI\TRANS-XXX-DOT_Network_Editor\English\NewIDTs) and does
not seem to accept dashes in the MSI name either

I read that in the IDTs for example the Filename data type must

Short and long file names must not contain the following characters:
\ ? | > < : / * "
In addition, short file names must not contain the following
+ , ; = [ ]

But what about Msidb.exe?

I do not have control when defining folder names and MSI names.
But I could suggest the product developers to follow conventions
required by MSI.

What are the exact name limitations for the MSI Name and Folder Names
when using Msidb.exe on the command line?

Your help is appreciated, thanks in advance :O)


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