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Macro outlook email scraper

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Aug 17, 2016, 11:19:07 PM8/17/16

Dear Members.
I need some help with this macro. The macro was made by another person
that I paid but it make different. I need some one to look at it and let
me know what I need to do. I am new in VB. I will execute this macro via
Outlook every one hour. It will look to the inbox for new specific
emails as per Outlook rule, with a data I need as you can see on the
macro. It writing a header on a CSV file for the single email that is
processing now and we need to make a change to avoid duplicate headers
and write the data in individual lines as is describe on the macro.

My only problem is that the macro is only reading the last email and I
need to read all the new unread email every time that I execute it. The
macro is saving the data on a CSV in a folder that I move as soon I
process the data in the file

|Filename: Macro In Text.txt |

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