Nav 4.0 SP1 on SQL Server 2005 Windows Authentication problem

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8 mar 2006, 03:55:2208/03/06
I try use the Windows Authentication on Nav 4.0 SP1 on SQL Server 2005
but I have login error

Active Drectory 2000 with:
a group MBSAdmins and a user Adm1
a group MBSUsers and a user Usr1

On Navision I create this WindowsLogins:
MBSAdmins with role SUPER
Adm1 with no roles
MBSUsers with roles ALL+SUPER (DATA)
Usr1 with no roles

Syncronize all logins

on SQL Server on MBSAdmins I have set sysadims server role

but I can't login. I try delete ricreate may time the user and some time
I can login with Adm1 but not with Usr1 and viceversa and the error
somtime is that TableData 2000000001 not exist and other that I not
have MBSMenuSuite rights.

If I do not user the Windows Groups It's all OK

Ther is some bugs with 4.0 SP1 on SQL Serrver 2005 with the use
of Windws Gruops.

Someone have try this configuration?


MCP .NET - SQL Server 2000
MBS CP Programming - Development - Install & Configuration


Oscar Koeleman [MSFT]

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8 mar 2006, 08:29:0508/03/06
Hi Alex,

You are right, there are some issues with Windows Authentication and SQL
2005. Development is working to get them resolved.

Probably the best thing to do is to log a call with Microsoft Support and
have them check the status for you.

Kind regards,

Oscar Koeleman - Technical Support Specialist - Microsoft Services
This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.



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8 mar 2006, 08:57:1208/03/06
Thanks for the confirmation Oscar


da leggere,
8 mar 2006, 11:11:2108/03/06
I was recently searching the mbs partner pages and found this,

Hopoe it helps


da leggere,
8 mar 2006, 12:57:5608/03/06
I was do some test so I wait the for the update
in this I read that First countries will release 1st April 2006:

Michael Stickling

da leggere,
9 mar 2006, 02:15:1809/03/06

please copy the text of the link in this fead, cause i can't access the

In which languages will this SP2 Version release? German?
Or is it a 1.April Joke? And which surprises will be in this release?

We try to migrate from Nav 3.6 on SQL2000 SP3a to Nav 4.0 SP1 Build 20966 on
SQL 2005.
It does not work. We have to migrate with 15 Companys, 200GB Data. Nothing
runs easy. There is no standard way to migrate. The navision tools are so
slowly. We try to copy the data table by table with sql-scripts, the runtime
was 20 hours.

Now, after weeks, i have a 99% correct database and objects.
We have 170 users in 7 Windows Active Directory groups to connect with this
database. And whats happened. It doesn't work.
I have created the xp_ndo extendet stored procedures, and set exec on public
on them.
I have cleared the tables "windows logins" and "windows access control".
When i now connect to this Database with my Dom-Admin rights user, it works
on every company.
In the next step i create a windows login user with the same name and rights
in navision with the role "super" and "all" on all companys, syncronize all
logins, and when i connect with that user nothing works (user / password
I am a little bit confused about that. If there is no user, everyone can
connect and can do whatever he want and if a correct user is created nobody
can login. What will this say to?

And the hit of all this is, that nobody can tell me what i do wrong.
I do not have any ms certification but 15 years experiences with databases,
operating systems and erp-systems.

I am not a little bit frustrated of this s..... product.

Michael Stickling

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da leggere,
9 mar 2006, 03:59:3109/03/06
The link say:

Microsoft® Business Solutions-Navision® 4.0 SP2 will be released and made
available on this page.

a.. See the changes document for Navision application changes

Please direct any questions regarding this release to:

Release PM, Christian Rytt

Program Manager, Martin Nielander.

Language Modules for Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision 4.0 SP2
Not available yet.

Downloads - First countries will release 1st April 2006
To download, please use the below links.

The list of all language with link for Full Version and Upgrade Toolkit
(now not active)

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