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Jun 23, 2015, 8:00:40 PM6/23/15
I do not have any virus or malicious software on my pc, I have a high encrypted government link. I don't mind Microsoft advertising their new MSN 10 but I am extremely pissed off that they change my customized icons, the one for updates, and turns their advertisement for MSN 10 on my computer every time I start it up, and yes Microsoft I found your script. what you are doing is illegal. If you do not seas this activity I will release your bug you have dumped onto every PC running Microsoft to every TV and Radio news media, I grantee you will face charges, broke trust agreements and will piss off a hell of a lot of your customers.

Very sneaky to corrupt a PC without disturbing operation, all the customers see on their right lower screen of Icons a cube split into 4 parts, and despite manually going in and manually changing this icon to stop being displayed, Microsoft has a little "BUG" they uploaded to your PC to promote MSN 10.

If enough of us gather together and seek legal action, Microsoft may stop their games, including viewing into children rooms with the X-Box system camera, I believe that is called child porn, invasion of privacy. I have all ready sent my complaint along with 70 other people who have sworn testimony sitting in a big law firm.
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