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Color Madness

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Bendik Engebretsen

May 31, 2002, 5:12:09 AM5/31/02
Please forgive me for being stupid, but I'm all confused about the new
color/numbering system on my MSDN subscription DVD/CDs. I though it used to
be puzzling, but now it's just completely incomprehensible. I'm sure it's
just my low IQ, but please, someone tell me what to do. First of all: In
what order should I put them ? By color, by language, by numbers ?? And the
big question: How to find out which ones I can throw away when I get new
ones ?

And please, guys, don't give me a bunch of options of "you can do this and
do that". I just want the receipe of the simplest system possible, I ain't
got all day to fiddle around with these discs...


"Why don't we do it in the road ? No one will be watching us..."

Mark Weinreb

May 31, 2002, 5:31:48 AM5/31/02
Hi Bendik,
The order in which you store them is up to you. Whatever order you are most
comfortable with.
As to which ones to throw away that's simple. As far as the DVD subscription
goes, each shipment contains DVDs in one or more colour, remove those DVD
with matching colours from your folder and replace them with the new ones
unless the accompanying letter says otherwise. It doesn't matter if the disc
numbers match or not. For instance, the June shipment contains two violet
DVDs which replace the existing two violet DVDs.

By the way, *never* throw away old issues. Just file them in an archive
folder as you never know when you might need an older version of something.

Mark Weinreb.

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Homer J. Simpson

May 31, 2002, 8:44:00 AM5/31/02
"Mark Weinreb" <> wrote in message

> Hi Bendik,
> The order in which you store them is up to you. Whatever order you are
> comfortable with.

That's the damned problem with the current MSDN scheme. MS might as well
have the CDs pressed with nothing printed at all on them. It wouldn't be
any harder to file them than it is right now.

Mark Weinreb

May 31, 2002, 9:23:03 AM5/31/02
I just file by colour - makes as much sense as any other sequence.
Just don't get me started on white-on-yellow!

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Stuart Celarier

Jun 1, 2002, 2:46:44 AM6/1/02
> Just don't get me started on white-on-yellow!

Hang on ... there's white on the yellow one? By golly, you're right! Very
interesting. It says, "If you can read this, you're standing too close to
the disk."

Trivia Quiz
Q: what percentage of adult males in the United States have some form of
color blindness?
A: 10%. Exactly what color does the label say it is?

I'm still waiting for the rumored tie-dye series disks. You can throw away
your old swirly-melted-brain-twist CDs when you get new
swirly-melted-brain-twist CDs. Just don't mistake them for the
polychromatic-sunburst-mandala ones, they do look a lot alike.

Stuart Celarier, Fern Creek,
Consultant on .NET, Win32, C#, C++, COM, XML, XSLT and more.

Mark Weinreb

Jun 1, 2002, 5:01:19 AM6/1/02
Tie-dye series discs .... 60's flashback.


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