Lost my formatting palette!

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erik Powers

Dec 1, 2004, 3:29:39 PM12/1/04
I don't know how this happened but my formatting palette is located
off the edge of my screen. I try deactivating and the activating it
again, but the animation shows it popping up off screen. My display
resolution is already as high as it will go. How do I recover it?
Running Office 2004 on Mac OSX.

JE McGimpsey

Dec 1, 2004, 4:03:16 PM12/1/04
In article <ad45cd01.04120...@posting.google.com>,
pow...@wec.ufl.edu (erik Powers) wrote:

Guess I'll have to make this an FAQ:

From a previous post, which you could search using


> This sometimes happens when screen resolution has been changed (it also,
> in a few cases at least, seems to happen for no reason at all).
> Try this:
> Type OPT-F11 to enter the Visual Basic Editor (VBE). Type CMD-G to open
> the Immediate Window. In the Immediate Window, type or paste
> Commandbars("Formatting Palette").Position = msoBarFloating
> CommandBars("Formatting Palette").Top = 100
> CommandBars("Formatting Palette").Left = 100
> following each line with a Return.
> The palette should then be visible and able to be repositioned.

Barry Wainwright

Dec 1, 2004, 8:34:48 PM12/1/04
On 1/12/04 8:29 pm, in article
ad45cd01.04120...@posting.google.com, "erik Powers"
<pow...@wec.ufl.edu> wrote:

Run this script:


If that URL doesn't work, here's the script in full:

tell application "Microsoft Word"
tell command bar "formatting palette"
set visible to true
set {top, left position} to {100, 700}
end tell
end tell

Barry Wainwright
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