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Images rendered fine by Word X but poorly by Word 2004

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Denis Pelli

Nov 18, 2004, 9:40:41 PM11/18/04
Word 2004 renders some PICTs poorly. Word 2004 has trouble rendering
some PICT images, e.g.
<>. The
images look bad on screen and on paper, even though the same microsoft
word file is fine in Word X.

We're using the latest: Microsoft Word 2004 (version 11.1) and Mac OS
X 10.3.6.

Denis Pelli
Professor of Psychology and Neural Science at NYU

John McGhie

Nov 22, 2004, 2:07:44 AM11/22/04
Hmmm... Fascinating...

All images rendered for me in Word 2004 except the first three mouths.

To get them to render, I had to right-click and choose Edit Picture. Then
simply Close the Picture when it opens. This often fixes the problem.

On two of the images I got an error indicating that it was not a valid file
name, but after cancelling out of that, the pictures were visible, and
stayed that way.

It's a perpetuation of Word X's nasty layering bug, and I hope Jeffrey from
Microsoft is along soon to look at your document: please leave it up there
for a few days. If he doesn't pick it up, I will email it to him.


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John McGhie <>
Consultant Technical Writer
Sydney, Australia +61 4 1209 1410

Dec 8, 2004, 6:59:18 PM12/8/04
thanks. the link will remain active indefinitely. i didn't know the
edit-picture trick.



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