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Vertical and orizontal slides in the same presentation

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roberto nisini

Mar 31, 2003, 10:25:47 AM3/31/03
I would like to make a presentation using in the same slide show both
vertical and horizontal slides. Does anyone know if it is possible?
Thank you, Roberto

Jim Gordon

Mar 31, 2003, 8:42:30 PM3/31/03

If you are asking whether you can change individual slides between portrait
and landscape, the answer is "no." The page setup applies to all slides
within a presentation.

However, you can use the rotate tool on the drawing toolbar to change the
orientation of just about every object on a slide. So you can get the effect
you asked about, I think.

After a while I think turning a large screen monitor on its edge and back
several times would become a bother for anyone watching the slide show.

-Jim Gordon

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roberto nisini

Apr 1, 2003, 11:21:47 AM4/1/03
Hi, Jim, thank for your help.
I understand that the page set up applies to all slides within a
presentation. But, do you think that is possible to make a presentation
combining two or more files with different page setup within the same slide


Apr 2, 2003, 11:48:40 AM4/2/03
I think you can acheive your purpose without involving multiple files
if you want to. While you cannot change your page setup from slide to
slide, I don't think it matters for your presentation. (If you're
also providing printouts of your deck, you might want to go with
multiple files, but if your delivery will always be electronic, this
should work just fine)

The monitor that you're using to present has a fixed aspect ratio,
right? (Assuming you're not rotating your monitor back and forth in
the presentation) When you're using the portrait page setup, you're
still limited by the height of your monitor. You're not gaining any
extra pixels in height by switching to portrait setup. (Someone
correct me if I'm wrong here!) So, you can achive the effect of a
portrait slide by constraining your "stuff" (whatever you're putting
on the slide) to that space on a landscape slide, and "blacking out"
what's around it.

So, say you're using a plain white background for your slides (for
simplicity's sake)... Draw a white rectangle the same size as your
landscape PPT slide. Now rotate it 90 degrees, and scale it down to
the height of the landscape slide. Center it on the slide, and change
your background color to black on this slide only (omitting master
slide graphics if necessary). Now your white box is the area you have
to work with. All your stuff goes here. In slide show mode, looks
just like a portrait slide.

Hope this is helpful,

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John Reiher

Apr 2, 2003, 11:15:45 PM4/2/03
In article <>, (Sandra) wrote:

> You're not gaining any
> extra pixels in height by switching to portrait setup. (Someone
> correct me if I'm wrong here!)

Spot on Sandra! In fact, by going to portrait mode, you're going to
loose pixels. Say you have a 8 by 10 portrait picture (1200x1500 pixels)
and now you show it on monitor that is in landscape (1024x768 pixels).

To make the image fit, you'd have to scale the image by half, make about
50% smaller, about 614x768.

Likewise if you have a Word document on a "Portrait" slide, you better
scale the font up in the document up 28 point font. That way when it's
brought into PPT, it scales down to 14 point and it's readable. If you
leave it in the default 8 point font size, not reable to an audience, it
will scale down to 4 points in size, totally illegible. Gray lines
basically on the screen.

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Яна Коваленко

Nov 29, 2021, 8:55:35 AM11/29/21
четвер, 3 квітня 2003 р. о 05:15:45 UTC+1 John Reiher пише:
Thanks for the information. I found answers to many of my questions here.
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