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Steven Hrisak

Feb 3, 2022, 12:20:52 PM2/3/22
There are people involved in this whole fiasco that must be wondering: "How is he communicating with Google and Germany?" This is going to sound crazy to some people, but not to all. They have inserted a device in the back of my head. Instead of talking, I only have to think. So yes, we are communicating with my thoughts, not my voice. Now, it was going to remain a secret until yesterday. Yesterday after sending everyone an email and getting on Twitter, I felt a very warm sensation on the left side of my ear. It lasted about 1 minute and went away. I had joked in the past about a "terminate button". Apparently, Germany did put in a "terminate button". If the FBI wants to obtain this technology someone needs to grab me, my 3 children and my wife and take us to a secure location immediately! I do not expect to be poor any longer. I want a 10 million dollar home, and 50 million dollars in a bank account. I want two brand new Mercedes in the driveway all paid for. I am a businessman. Let's do some business together.

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Steven Hrisak
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