VBscript CreateObject: Permission denied

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Aug 25, 2003, 9:03:02 AM8/25/03

I'm running Windows 2003 Enterprise Server. I want normal
users (belonging to the users group) to be able to run
asp-pages that create Excel objects (CreateObject
(Excel.Application)). (basic authentication)

Other components (VB6 comonents that reside in another
virtual directory) can be created without any problem,
but not the Excel-object (that resides of course in
Program Files, etc..).

When the user is an administrator, everything works fine
(of course). The error-mesage is: Permission denied.

Which right do I have to add where?


Wei-Dong Xu [MSFT]

Aug 25, 2003, 10:51:35 PM8/25/03
Hi Leo,

When your asp file run in Basic Authentication, your asp file will run
under the login-in account. This is what we call impersonation. If you run
the asp files as the local administrator, your asp will obtain the
administrator's permission in your box. Otherwise, your asp file will
obtain the permissions which are related to the login-in account.

From your description, your asp application has no permission to access the
Excel Dll. In Windows Server 2003, I'd suggest you can give these user
accounts the permission to lauch the Execel dll in Component Services.

Please follow the steps:
1. can type "Dcomcnfg" in start->run
2. Then click to "Compoent Services->Computers->My computer->Dom
Config->Microsoft Excel Application".
3. right click the "Microsoft Excel Application" and click into property.
Choose "Security" page to "Launch Permissions".
4. select "Customize->Editing...".
5. In the lauch permission window, please add the users group or each
account you want into the ACL and grant the lauch permission to them.

After that, these user account should have the permission to run the excel

If you have any further questions Please feel free to let me know.

Does this answer your question? Thank you for using Microsoft NewsGroup!

Wei-Dong Xu
Microsoft Product Support Services
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This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.


Aug 26, 2003, 3:11:13 AM8/26/03
Thanks Wei-Dong,

Yes, it did answer my question and I solved the problem.
I had the same configuration a few years earlier under
Windows NT 4.0 working without these extra DCOM
configurations for the Excel application. Apparently NT
4.0 has another default configuration for DCOM. Is that
Again thanks for your help!



Wei-Dong Xu [MSFT]

Aug 26, 2003, 3:33:17 AM8/26/03
Hi Eric,

Thank you for replying!

You are very welcome!

What you said is very right, In the NT4, you can also add the account you
want into the ACL in DCOM utility.

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