To read URL from a given file at run-time and save it into a specified directory

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Abhineet Ayan

Feb 2, 2012, 2:26:52 AM2/2/12
Hi All,

WIN32 programming

I have written a code to establish Internet connection and access the
resurces from a hard-coded URL and saves the file to hard-coded
directory of my computer.
Is there a way so that my code can read a list of URLs fom a text file
given at the runtime at console window and then save the resources to
a specified directory. The directory path and filename wud also be
given at console at runtime.

Internet Connection established...asks for a file name at
console...<input given- a.txt>
reads a.txt (containing a list of URLs) and then asks a target
directory <input given- D://temp/temp.txt>
downloads from URLs one by one and saves it in the temp.txt

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