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Mar 17, 2001, 1:22:48 PM3/17/01
Been in a new character mood lately. Tried the dagger character, now
trying an archer. I'll probably try a mage, next. I've tried an archer
before, but it was the kind of archer that had 100 focus, and no melee
defense, just really annoying to play, because it could do lots of
damage, then get killed in on or two hits.

This time, I decided to try using a more basic melee type template,
except with bow instead of a melee weapon. 100 coordination, 100
quickness, with bow, melee defense, and arcane lore specialized. Item
trained. None of that life magic, uber strong by level 80 crap.

Think I already have everything I need for a pretty strong character, so
will probably train fletching and alchemy, instead of muling it, even.

Seems to be working pretty well, so far. Just wondering what others
think of this sort of template. Any comments?


Peter Duniho

Mar 17, 2001, 3:07:16 PM3/17/01
"disconnected" <> wrote in message

> Seems to be working pretty well, so far. Just wondering what others
> think of this sort of template. Any comments?

I play with a guy who did something similar. He didn't Specialize Melee
Defense, but did train it. Not sure if he maxed out his starting stats or

Your biggest liability, of course, will be the lack of a shield. However,
with Coord and Quick maxed, and MD Specialized, that shouldn't be *too* much
of a problem. :)

I look forward to hearing how this character turns out, especially by L20 or



Mar 17, 2001, 4:20:27 PM3/17/01
You got healing ?

Almost my temp hehe

and at 35 he is takeing care of him self in BDC,BSD,Metos,and nexus

i love the temp

"disconnected" <> wrote in message


Mar 17, 2001, 9:25:24 PM3/17/01
In article <OizAnfyrAHA.1552@tkmsftngp04>, says...
> You got healing ?

LOL, forgot about healing. Will probably take that at 7.

Means I won't have fletching and alchemy untill level 20, unless I'm
forgetting something else (Not bothering with creature, life, or mana c)-
I won't bother getting one before the other, so I'll have time to think
about that. Can't really spare a slot for a fletching mule, so I think
that's the way I'd have to go. And I hate muling that kind of thing,
always being tied to the mule, logging in and out, not knowing how many
arrows to try to burden myself with per trip, etc.

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