NT4 Service Pack 2 available

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Dec 19, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/19/96


If you have a spare 30megs on your HD, try the new uninstall directory
during installation. This will allow you to remove SP2 and get you back to

SP1 or whatever you were running with if you encounter problems.

Please be sure to read the readme.txt file before installing for important
information such as:

3.5 Microsoft DHCP Server

This version of the Microsoft DHCP Server modifies the format of the dhcp
database. You should back up the contents of your %windir%\system32\dhcp
directory prior to upgrading.

Here's the fixes section of the readme.txt which includes Q#'s for KB
articles written for fixes in SP2.

Service Pack 2
Q78303: Intermittent File Corruption Problem
Q142653: STOP Message Occurs Calling GetThreadContext/SetThreadContext
Q142654: Winsock Memory Access Violation in Ws2help.dll Or Msafd.dll
Q142655: Stop Message Appears After Deleting ProductOption Registry Key
Q142656: Internet Explorer 3.0 on RISC Computer Cannot Connect to Host
Q142657: Data Corruption on Windows NT 4.0
Q142658: Internet Information Server Runs Out of Memory
Q142659: Internet Explorer 2.0 Fails To Check the Country Code/Language
Q149903: File Manager Performs a Move Instead of a Copy
Q156832: STOP Message when IBM Warp Client Connects to Windows NT 4.0
Q102477: Draw Can't Leave Data in Clipboard After Closing Application
Q102710: MFX Draw: 16-Bit Device Drivers Incompatible with Windows NT
Q106503: FIX: SQL Server FixList for Version 4.20aK11
Q107422: Windows NT Resource Kit Vol. 1 - 3.5 Inch Disk Contents
Q108144: FIX: SQL Server FixList for Version 4.20b
Q136032: Systems Management Server Sender Packet Size Computation
Q140955: XCLN: Error When Opening Attachment in Client for Windows 3.x
Q142625: NETBIOS Defaults To 16 Sessions on Windows NT
Q142634: Multiple Processes Are Able to Open the Same Winsock Port
Q142641: Internet Server Unavailable Because of Malicious SYN Attacks
Q142648: STOP 0x00000024 in Ntfs.sys
Q142661: Cacls.exe May Report Errors when Handling Extended Characters
Q142671: Backup Fails on Certain Directories Due to Lack of Permissions
Q142675: CSNW Sends Packets Greater Than Negotiated Maximum Packet Size
Q142687: Windows NT 4.0 Not Able to Read Some Compact Discs
Q151989: Novell 32-bit Client for Win95/WinNT Doesn't See FPNW Volume
Q152273: DHCP Server May Give Out Duplicate IP Addresses
Q152346: Some DEC TLZ06 4MM DAT Tape Drives Not Recognized by Windows NT
Q153665: SPX Data Stream Type Header May Reset Unexpectedly
Q154784: Windows NT Operating System SNMP OID Incorrect
Q155117: Shutdown And Power Off Does Not Appear on Shut Down Menu
Q155883: NT 4.0 Breaks SNA Server 2.x Server Communication Over IP
Q156091: Access Violation with Long NDS Context in CSNW/GSNW
Q156095: Replace Command with Space Character in the Path Does Not Work
Q156276: Cmd.exe Does Not Support UNC Names as the Current Directory
Q156324: Device Failure Message with Microchannel Network Adapter
Q156520: Logon Validation Fails Using Domain Name Server (DNS)
Q156524: HP PaintJet XL 300 Does Not Print Colors, Only Black
Q156608: Err Msg: ôAccount Unknown--Account Deleted
Q156735: WOW Applications Stack Fault When Launched by a Service
Q156750: AddGroupNameResponse Frame from WinNT May Cause WFWG to Hang
Q156884: Problems Saving Event Viewer Log from Windows NT 4.0 to 3.51
Q156931: STOP 0x0000001E in Nwrdr.sys
Q156958: Serial Service Won't Stop with Serial Printer Installed
Q156989: Multiple Processes Are Able to Open the Same Winsock Port
Q157279: Nwrdr.sys Fails Reading File with Execute Only Attribute
Q157289: Memory Leak Using RegConnectRegistry API
Q157621: Personal Groups Not Visible If %Systemroot% Is Read-Only
Q157673: Policy Not Updated on Workstation
Q157979: NT/RDR: "Access Denied" with Windows NT 4.0 Ntbackup
Q158142: WM_DDE_EXECUTE API Causes a Memory Leak in the WOW Subsystem
Q159075: Compression is not supported on Quantum 4000DLT
Q158994: NT 4.0 Fails to Replicate to Backup Domain Controllers
Q158387: RAS Server Cannot Use DHCP to Assign Addresses w/ PPTP Filtering
Q158587: 16-Bit Named Pipe File Open Leads to WOW Access Violation
Q158682: Shortcuts Embed Admin$ in .lnk File
Q158706: Shortcuts Embed Admin$ In .LNK File
Q158707: DDE Destroy Window Code may Stop 0x0000001e in Windows NT 4.0
Q108261: Windows NT Hangs on Shutdown with Certain PCMCIA Devices
Q158981: IBM Thinkpads 760ED and 760ELD May Hang During Shutdown
Q159066: A Client Crash May Prevent an NTFS Volume Dismount
Q159071: NTFS Does Not Prevent a File Deletion During Rename
Q159075: Compression is not supported on Quantum 4000DLT
Q158796: MAC Clients Connected to an NT Server May Intermittently Appear
Q149817: STOP 0x0000000A and STOP 0x0000001E in Isotp.sys
Q141375: Winstone 97 May Fail on Windows NT 4.0
Q141708: RAS Client IP Addresses Not Returned to Static Address Pool
Q142686: First Line of Print Job Lost When Printing Using Lpdsvc
Q142847: Bugcheck 0x1e Caused by Isotp.sys Driver
Q142872: Length of PDC Name May Affect Performance on a Domain
Q157494: PPC 4.0 Cirrus Driver Fails to Redraw & Fill Objects Correctly
Q148602: Running SNA Server 2.11 on the Windows NT 4.0
Q156746: Print Jobs Are Deleted When Printer Is Resumed After Restart
Q150815: Windows NT May Fail to Boot on Toshiba Portable Computers
Q152455: File Manager Can Only See 32 Volumes of NetWare/FPNW
Q152474: Window Socket Application Failure with Connection Reset Event
Q154556: Delegation Requires a Stop and Restart of the DNS Server Service
Q156578: Cannot Cancel Print Job on Windows NT 3.51 Shared Printer
Q159107: Access Violaion in Addatom Inside KERNEL32.DLL
Q142903: Windows NT Ndis.sys and Netflx3.sys Performance Improvement
Q160583: Windows NT 4.0 With More Than 4 Processors May Stall and Reboot
Q159971: SetTimer() API causes Memory leak in the WOW subsystem
Q159972: WinNT 4.0 May not Return a Valid Response for SMB Search Command
Q160015: 2D Vector Performance on WinNT 4.0 Slower Than on 3.51
Q160055: Warning Event ID 4010 Generated on Windows NT LPD Server
Q160189: CSNW can't see more than 32 volumes per server
Q159095: STOP 0x0000001E in Win32k.sys When Exiting Applications
Q160328: Internet Explorer 3.0 causes NT 4.0 to Blue Screen
Q159449: DNS Server Glue data gets deleted
Q160601: Bad Parameters Sent to WIN32K.SYS May Blue Screen Windows NT
Q160603: No Output from DBMON Using OutputDebugString While Debugging
Q160604: Access violation in security!SspQueryContextAttributesW
Q160606: Performance enhancements for SQL Server under Windows NT
Q160610: READ_REGISTER_ULONG Doesn't Preserve ULONG Semantics on Alpha
Q160653: NTFS Fails Assertion Under High Stress During Transfer
Q160190: RasSetEntryProperties does not save a full path script name
Q159205: HOTFIX: SFM file Type and Creator properties invalid
Q160657: 16 Bit Version of VB4 May Hang Windows NT 4.0
Q159108: SMP Full Duplex Adapter Configuration May Cause Blue Screen
Q159109: ExitWindowsEx Does Not Work With NEC Power Switch Service
Q159110: CDFS Does Not Complete IRPs Correctly
Q159111: Multiprocessor Machine Hangs Under Stress Using HALSP.DLL
Q159129: OpenGL Access Violates with Invalid OpenGL Context
Q159910: Memory Corruption on a Windows NT Alpha platform
Q159204: HOTFIX: IoCompletionPort causes blue screen crash
Q159594: Missing EE FontSubstitutes in Registry
Q159206: HOTFIX: Reactivation of paused print queues deletes print jobs
Q159311: NT4.0 RAS not releasing static IP Addresses
Q159315: NT 4.0 RAS Server does not release static IP addresses
Q159347: Using NetBEUI for RAS Connector on Windows NT 4.0
Q159447: HOTFIX: Applications testing for directory existence fail
Q159098: NT 4.0 resource Kit utility "Remote Console" client fails
Q159203: HOTFIX: Unattended install prompts for new IP if zero in address

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