Help! ADC will not replicate objects to AD

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Mar 14, 2004, 8:01:05 PM3/14/04
We have setup Exchange 5.5 -> ADC -> Windows Server 2003 (prior to installing Exchange 2003)

Originally we configured ADC and everything came across. We had a problem so deleted all objects and connection agreements (waited for AD to purge deleted objects) then recreated ADC agreements. Now very few objects are replicating. Just get the event below:

Error (event id 8277): ADC could not replicate cn=name1,cn=ou1,ou=SITE1,o=org1 to the Active Directory because the object came from the configured active directory, yet the ADC cannot find it in active directory. This can happen the ADC is configured to use multiple DC's, and the DC's are out of sync with each other. The ADC will try to re-replicate the object. (Connection Agreement 'Users: ... #1956)

Why are we getting this error and better yet how do we get past it and replicate the 5.5 objects?
What value do the 5.5 objects have that make the ADC say "the object came from the configured active directory"?

Jaclynn Hiranaka [MSFT]

Mar 15, 2004, 11:55:43 AM3/15/04
If you open the properties of the user in raw mode from the 5.5 admin
program you will see an ADC-Global-Names attribute stamped on the users. It
should have 4 values in that attribute. That means that it was replicated
across a two way connection agreement.

From a high level this is how it works. The ADC replicates the Exchange
information into AD from the 5.5 side and associates that information with
the AD object or creates a new one to put the Exchange attributes on. It
also stamps the msExchADCGlobalNames attribute on the AD side as an
attribute of the user with 2 values. Because the connection agreement is
two-way in order to keep the object in synch if you make a change from the
AD side we also replicate Exchange attributes back to the 5.5 server from
AD. So then we have an association between the AD object and the 5.5
mailbox. When that data has replicate back across to the 5.5 directory it
stamps on it the ADC-Global-Names attribute with 2 values (so now we have
4). This has the same 4 values as does the AD object in the
msExchADCGlobalNames attribute. This links the two together.

If you for example then delete the AD object and you have deletions turned
on you will then delete the mailbox that is associated with that AD object.

If you have removed the attributes or deleted the objects from the AD side
and want to rereplicate the information from the 5.5 side into AD you will
have to first remove the ADC-Global-Names attribute and therefore delete the
'connection' it has to the AD object it thinks that it is linked to.

I would suggest testing this out on one or two objects before you go and
remove the attribute from all of the 5.5 mailboxes. Also the easy way to do
this at mass is to do a dir export to a .csv file that has the
ADC-Global-Names attribute in the header and then replace what is in that
column with ~DEL and then import it back in.

Hope that helps.

Jaclynn Hiranaka
Enterprise Messaging Support

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