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Diane Peifer

Sep 16, 2021, 10:59:18 AM9/16/21
I have created a T-shirt order form. Here is the link

I have successfully used the countif function to total number of orders for each size. But what I really need is to somehow multiply by the quantity in those rows to get the accurate number of each size. Can anyone help?

Diane Peifer

Philip Herlihy

Sep 17, 2021, 8:04:04 AM9/17/21
In article <>, says...
I think you already have that, don't you? The SumIf function is summing the
values in Quantity for those entries which match the particular value in the
Size column. I checked manually (!) for 'S' and 'M' and the figures in your
'Sizes' table are correct.

Looking at your worksheet, can I offer two suggestions?

T-shirts all seem to cost $15. Yet Tina H's T-shirt appears to cost $14.08.
in reality (and guided by the comment) she's been given a discount (or has
paid) $0.92. It's often easier to record that explicitly, so instead of having
Y/N in your Paid column, just put how much has been paid. If needed, a further
column could calculate any remaining balance - even if someone has overpaid,
which happens! It's rarely a good idea to 'flex' your data design to
accomodate an exceptional case - instead, tend to record any additional data
necesary to make it all make sense.

More generally, have you explored Pivot Tables? Sure, you can do wonders with
Excel/Sheet's battery of logical and lookup functions, but Pivot Tables, once
you've got the idea of them, do it all for you. You add a Pivot Table to
display the breakdown you want, and you can add multiple Pivot Tables (possibly
on a separate worksheet if preferred) for different purposes.

This excellent video from one of the best online trainers will get you started.
Many people scratch their heads over Pivot Tables for the first few minutes,
but then the penny drops, and they never look back.


Phil, London
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