Trouble with personal.xls loading at start up

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Ted Horsch

Jun 10, 2003, 7:16:35 PM6/10/03
I have a particular user on who's PC I can't get the
personal.xls file to load at start up. We run Office XP
on W2K Pro. I have loaded the personal.xls file to the
XLSTART folders (C:\Documents and settings\username\
Application Data\Microsoft\Excel or in C:\Program
Files\Microsoft Office\Office10). I've tried loading it
to both locations, then just one and then just the other,
but the result is the same--the file doesn't load. It's
not that it's loading and is hidden; I've checked for that
and the file simply isn't loading. Any suggestions short
of reinstalling Excel to solve this problem?



Dave Peterson

Jun 10, 2003, 11:04:57 PM6/10/03
I think I'd move all your experiments out of those folders.

Then record a new macro and have it saved in personal.xls. Save personal.xls
and close excel and reopen.

Did excel find that version?

If yes, then use windows|Find|Files or folders to find that new personal.xls and
replace it with your real one.

I could do this inside the VBE. Hit ctrl-G to see the immediate window and type
this and hit enter:

It returned this for me (xl2002 and win98):
C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART

If it still doesn't work, xl2002 can "quarantine" a file. Maybe the user got
prompted with a message that personal.xls was corrupt and then excel asked if it
should never open that file again.

You can reverse this under:
Help|About Microsoft Excel|and click on Disabled Items

And you don't have any funny macros that close the file if everything isn't ok,
do you?


Dave Peterson

Ted Horsch

Jun 11, 2003, 8:07:13 PM6/11/03
Thanks for your help on this. As it turns out the problem
was that the personal.xls file had been disabled. Doing
the Help|About Microsoft Excel|and click on Disabled Items
and enabling it did the trick. Glad I posted this
question--I never in a million years would have found this
without your help! Much obliged...
Ted Horsch


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