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Excel 97 Support Sites?

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Wayde Bendus

Oct 14, 1998, 3:00:00 AM10/14/98
Can somebody please provide me with some web sites that focus on
illustrating, demonstrating and exampling tips and tricks for using Excel97
and specifically Excel97 and VBA?



Wayde D. Bendus

Jim Youngman

Oct 14, 1998, 3:00:00 AM10/14/98
to Wayde Bendus is a good place to start.

Jim Youngman, Senior Operations Analyst
550 Princes Highway Phone: +61 3 9790 2914
Noble Park VIC 3174 Fax: +61 3 9790 2777
Australia email:


Ogilvy, Thomas, W., Mr., ODCSLOG

Oct 14, 1998, 3:00:00 AM10/14/98
Microsoft(R) Visual Basic(R) for Applications Examples for Controlling
UserForms in Microsoft Excel 97

This Application Note is an introduction to manipulating UserForms in
Microsoft Excel 97. It includes examples and Microsoft Visual Basic for
Applications macros that show you how to take advantage of the
capabilities of UserForms and use each of the ActiveX controls that are
available for UserForms

This first Link should provide you most of what you want to know about
working with commandbars. It is about 40 pages I believe and has plenty
of sample code. As I recall, it specifically addresses replacing menus.
File Title: Customizing Menu Bars, Menus, and Menu Items in Microsoft(R)
Excel 97
File Name: WE1183.EXE
File Size: 58041 bytes
File Date: 06/20/97
Keywords: kbfile kbappnote
Description: This Application Note can help you learn techniques for
writing Visual Basic(R) for Applications code to customize menus in
Microsoft Excel 97. This Application Note contains code examples that
you can use with the following elements: menu bars, menus, menu items,
submenus, and shortcut menus.
While dialogboxes have been replace by userforms, they are still
available, and the Forms Controls are probably easier to use on the
File Title: Sample Visual Basic(R) Code for Controlling Dialog Boxes in
Microsoft(R) Excel 5.0 and 7.0 for Windows(R)
File Name: WE1162.EXE
File Size: 82026 bytes
File Date: 07/08/96
Keywords: appnote vb macro we1162 dialogs
Description: This Application Note will help you learn some techniques
for writing Visual Basic, Applications Edition, code for controlling
dialog boxes. The file includes sample code.

Microsoft Office Developer sites:
Go down the programming item for some special topics.

John Walkenbach

Chip Pearson

Stephen Bullen is a good code site

And the Baarns site has code also: although I think theirs is more towards 97. I
haven't spend much time there, actually (just haven't had a chance).

This site has some good info:

Go to

In step 1 select Excel for Windows
In sept 2 select the first button (Keywords)
In step 3 enter these criteria pgmHowTo
In other options select fulltext for the first
Your choice on the second. I usually just go for titles.

That should give you 100 or more articles on how to do a variety of

Tom Ogilvy

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