Big Bertha Thing positron

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Tony Lance

Sep 8, 2011, 1:44:04 PM9/8/11
Big Bertha Thing positron
Cosmic Ray Series
Possible Real World System Constructs
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Round photographic plates.

Another pair of tracks, arising simultaneously,
from a common point. The two particles responsible,
for these tracks, produce equal specific ionizations.
The one leaving the track of greater curvature is an electron
of 27 MeV energy. The one leaving the track of smaller curvature
was apparently left, by a particle not then known to exist,
a particle identical with the electron,
except that it carries a positive charge. It is a 450 MeV positron.

From a book by
J.D.Stranathan Ph.D.,
Professor of Physics and Chairman of
Department, University of Kansas.
The "Particles" of Modern Physics.
(C) Copyright The Blakston Co. 1942

Big Bertha Thing forward

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Tony Lance

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Something New!

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Big Bertha Thing balloon

Big Bertha Thing welfare

29th April 1999
Operations Manager,
The Benefits Agency,

Dear Sirs,

Further to your letter of 28th April 1999,
regarding a list of questions, on the possibility of my working at

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Big Bertha Thing book

Big Bertha Thing toga

What's a First Aid Tent?
What's a toga party, in "Animal House" by National Lampoon?
In "Mean Machine" starring Burt Reynolds,
he said "If it worked once, it should work twice. Lets do it!"
With the First Aid Tent, it worked twice,
so it should work three times.
The first two battles of cyberspace each started,
when a first aid tent was set up.
The first was set up on the OUSA Classical Particle conference.
The second was set up on four conferences,
in the pseudo Student Research Faculty.
Needless to say both the conference and
the faculty were subsequently closed down by order.
"It's a tale to gladden the ears and to grow old listening to,"
said the giant in the "Chronicles of Thomas Covenant."
by Stephen Donaldson.

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