The .NET Framework = "Runtime Files"

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Master Programmer

Dec 15, 2006, 1:49:40 AM12/15/06
Well kids,

Todays lesson in computing is an explanation of the Microsoft .NET

The MS "Framework" is a term used to describe the Visual Basic .NET (is
it still called that today?) "Runtime Files" needed for a .NET (there I
go again) program to execute. Added on-top of the "Runtime Files" are
some functions to do a few things.

As calling something "Runtime Files" didnt appeal to the MS marketing
dept (it doesnt sound exciting enough), instead they called it "The
.NET Framework".

This left MS with the problem of justifying calling if by something
other that "Runtime Files" (which is really all it is). So to pad it
out a bit to make it seem important thay added a few functions to do
things and some security.

Do not be confused or misled by the term "Framework". All this really
is, is a fancy word for "Run Time Files" - but with a couple of minor

I hope that you enjoyed this lesson and look forward to giving you many
more in the not so distant future.

The Grand Master

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