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Craig Box

Mar 29, 2006, 10:06:58 PM3/29/06
Hi everyone,

I've written a tool for managing Windows 2000+ user profiles, allowing you
to perform such tasks as changing which user is able to use which profile in
a mouse click, rather than a complicated procedure with loading registry
hives, removing permissions, adding permissions, unloading hives, and
setting on-disk permission.

The goal is that the program will do everything you can do in the User
Profiles capplet. Some of this hasn't been implemented due to me being more
a sysadmin than a programmer; some hasn't been implemented because I'm not
sure where the data is kept, and I haven't had the need for it to make it
worth busting out regmon yet. However, I'm releasing my code as open source
software, under the Mozilla Public License, and encourage anyone who might
find such a tool useful to download it and have a play.

I am particularly interested in feedback, ways to improve my code, and
submissions of code for missing features. Above all, I find the tool useful
(or would if it was finished and tested!), and hope others do to.

ProfileTool is written in C# and requires the Microsoft .NET framework v1.1
or higher.

Please use it at your own risk. There is code that will delete registry
keys and profiles off disk, which is currently commented out. Enable it if
you want but please make sure you have at least a cursory glance over the
code before trusting it!

I have created an email address for correspondence about this utility. It's
listed on the webpage. Please use it.


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