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Anton Shepelev

Jan 30, 2021, 4:24:55 PM1/30/21
Hello, all

The corporation of evil continues its crusade
against all good things, including free social me-
dia. It has started banning Usenet groups wholesale
due to the presence of SPAM and other illegal con-
tent. This, of course, is contrary to the very phi-
losophy of Usenet, where each individual decides
what posts and posters to ignore, by adding them to
the proverbial kill-file. Together with the bans,
the huge Usenet archive, owned by Google, is now in
danger. I thought that all I write on Usenet was
there to stay, but no longer. I will be archiving
interesting Usenet posts.

The sensible thing for Google to do would be to ban
individual spammers, based on the numerous (and ap-
paprently ignored) illegal-content reports submitted
though their web-interface or to their (appearently
unchecked) e-mail for complaints. It is a shame they
should employ their superb AI-systems for marketing
purposes instead of detecting SPAM, that it may be
removed like a tumor. But Google prefer to kill the

Users of Google groups are hereby encouraged to in-
stall a free newsreader and set it up to connect to
Usenet via a free Usenet provider. Free newsreaders
are many and easily findable for all OSes, including
iOS and Android, so I will only mention guidelines
for selecting a quality newsreader:

The Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval:

Whereas free servers are somewhat fewer, and I will
mention two of them: (anonymous) (with authentification)

For help with installing and configuring a newsread-
er, post to .

See also:

Historical programming-language groups disappearing from Google:

Some Usenet groups suspended in Goggle Groups:

An alternative Usenet archive:

() ascii ribbon campaign -- against html e-mail
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