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Jul 1, 2003, 6:40:20 PM7/1/03
Hi there,
i have a txt file and a jpg image.
Mi boss ask me to write a dll or an executable
which create a pdf file using them.
The result must be a pdf file with the image and
the text containet in txt file...
What can I do?????
I don't know how I can create it.
Another thing... I can't use any third party
dll or other similar...

Please help me..


Chris Hornberger

Jul 1, 2003, 9:29:29 PM7/1/03
Create a Crystal report with the information you want on it, then
simply export it to PDF. The fact that you're using C#, I assume
you're also using VS Studio.NET and hence, have Crystal too. This will
allow you to create your PDF file. Another choice is to spring for
Adobe Pagemill and print to the PDF file format.

"Gaetanog" <tn...@libero.it> wrote in message news:<0a9e01c34021$c0764260$a101...@phx.gbl>...

Julian Ziersch

Jul 17, 2003, 3:29:40 AM7/17/03

Check out wPDFControl which is on http://www.wptools.de

It now includes a C# wrapper which makes this PDFEngine DLL extremely
easy to use in VC.NET or C#Builder (price EURO 215)
It offers a set of overloaded functions such as DrawGraphic and also
provides a Graphics object for native C# drawing operations. There is
a free evaluation version, too.

In general this control creates PDF files similar to a printer object.
You have to execute BeginDoc export something and then do EndDoc.

If the text file is RTF you could use the incarnation wRTF2PDF which
would load the rtf file and output it to PDF. Since it has a BeforeEnd
Pageevent it is easy to create a bitmap overlay (or watermark -

I hope this helps,
Julian Ziersch

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