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VBDotNet Team [MS]

Nov 12, 2002, 5:13:37 PM11/12/02
Each time you use Add Web Reference, VS .NET creates a new folder. By
default, the folder name is also the namespace.

The reason for this behavior is because each Add Web Reference creates a
Reference.map file.
The Reference.map file is used to create a proxy source file.
If you do 3 Add Web Reference, 3 Reference.map files are created.
Putting them all together in 1 folder will overwrite another, that's why
they are distributed to different folders.

One way to solve this issue is to create a static discovery file (.disco
file) that references all 3 web services or .asmx
Here is a link that contains a sample .disco file

In Add Web Reference, you can add your .disco file instead of asmx file.
In that case, all 3 web services will be pulled down to your computer at
once with only 1 Reference file.

Hope it helps,
Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Development

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
"jonnylbluejeans" <john.lep...@arch.com> wrote in message
> I have a development server "http://company" ("//msdev1/drive-
> d/inetpub/rootdev1"). My web services I've created are under a
> namespace "mynamespace". I can access my webservices by
> "http://company/mynamespace/websvc1.asmx",
> "http://company/mynamespace/websvc2.asmx",
> "http://company/mynamespace/websvc3.asmx", etc.
> The Webservices are under one project called "mynamespace" off the root
> of "http://company".
> They are all defined with '<WebService(Namespace:
> ="http://company/mynamespace")>'.
> But is it really?
> I create a VB windows forms app, and add web references to these 3
> webservices - here is what I get:
> ---------------------------------------------
> Solution WindowsFormsApp (1 Project)
> - WindowsFormsApp
> + References
> - WebReferences
> - company
> webservice1.wsdl
> reference.map
> - company1
> webservice2.wsdl
> reference.map
> - company2
> webservice3.wsdl
> reference.map
> AssemblyInfo.vb
> Form1.vb
> ----------------------------------------------
> Since the webservices are all under the same defined namespace, physical
> directory, and project - why then does VS consider them under different
> namespaces?
> Or am I just confused?

Visual Studio Core Team (MS)

Nov 19, 2002, 3:03:08 PM11/19/02
Hi --

This has to do with the way that Visual Studio handles multiple web
references. Each folder (company1, company2, etc.) contains a Reference.map
file; each of these files has to be stored in a separate folde -- hence the
names company1, company2, etc. These folders can be renamed to something
else if you want.

Do you have any specific feedback on the way web references are currently
organized? If so, we can pass that along to our product planning team.

-- Izzy

Izzy Gryko
Visual Studio Core Development Team


Nov 28, 2002, 3:31:58 PM11/28/02
Izzy, since you are asking for feeback.. it would be nice if VS just created
the .disco file with a reference to all the webservices in a project, under
one ClientSide Namespace.


"Visual Studio Core Team (MS)" <vsc...@microsoft.com> wrote in message

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